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486. By Alexander Sack on 2009-04-15

(merge) RELEASE 0.7~~svn20081020t000444-0ubuntu1.8.10.2 to ubuntu/intrepid-security
 prepared by security team (Marc Deslauriers <email address hidden>)
* SECURITY UPDATE: Secrets disclosure to unauthorized users
  - debian/patches/security_CVE-2009-0365.patch: Fix dbus permissions.
  - CVE-2009-0365
* SECURITY UPDATE: Unauthorized modification of connection settings
  - debian/patches/security_CVE-2009-0578.patch: Check for an authorized user
    with is_user_request_authorized() when updating or deleting settings in
  - CVE-2009-0578

485. By Alexander Sack on 2008-12-01

* RELEASE 0.7~~svn20081020t000444-0ubuntu1.8.10.1 to ubuntu/intrepid-proposed

484. By Alexander Sack on 2008-12-01

* RELEASE 0.7~~svn20081020t000444-0ubuntu2 to ubuntu/jaunty

483. By Alexander Sack on 2008-12-01

* fix LP: #293749 - prefix vs. netmask translation inconsistencies in
  connection-editor causes confusion; we cherry pick rev1009 from upstream
  svn and backport that.
  - add debian/patches/lp293749_better_prefix_netmask_ui.patch
  - update debian/patches/series

482. By Alexander Sack on 2008-11-29

* fix LP: #268803 - Ubuntu Intrepid: Both Knetworkmanager and Network
  Manager load on startup; fix xdg autostart .desktop file to
  - add debian/patches/lp268803_xdg_autostart_gnome_xfce_only.patch
  - update debian/patches/series

481. By Alexander Sack on 2008-11-28

* fix LP: #286421 - nm-connection-editor menu item untranslatable;
  add i18n support to nm-connection-editor.desktop; patch by Timo Jyrinki
  <email address hidden>
  - add debian/patches/lp286421_fix_i18n_bug_286421.patch
  - update debian/patches/series

480. By Alexander Sack on 2008-11-28

* fix LP: #289466 - Network Manager 0.7 applet not Appearing if there are
  managed entries in /etc/network/interfaces; we always call
  applet_schedule_update_icon in client_init; also we also show the try when
  there are error conditions (no NM running, no managed device)
  - add debian/patches/lp289464_always_show_tray_icon.patch
  - update debian/patches/series

479. By Alexander Sack on 2008-10-20

* RELEASE 0.7~~svn20081020t000444-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/intrepid

478. By Alexander Sack on 2008-10-20

New upstream snapshot Mon 2008-10-20 00:04:44 +0000 (rev 819)
* support .cer and .crt extensions for wpa-eap (LP: #272185)
  - update src/wireless-security/eap-method.c
* Don't translate widget labels
  - update src/connection-editor/ce-page-ip4.glade
* updated translations for sv, es, hu, sk, nb, be, he

477. By Alexander Sack on 2008-10-15

* RELEASE 0.7~~svn20081015t194645-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/intrepid

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