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200fbf0... by Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2017-03-02

Support forward declaration in interface definitions.

2e2e56c... by Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2017-02-15

Document bond/bridge parameters support. (LP: #1664702)

8f40bdf... by Michael Hudson-Doyle on 2017-02-10

fix a typo in the documentation

730b680... by Michael Hudson-Doyle on 2016-11-02

fix a typo in the documentation

b4f44d3... by Martin Pitt on 2016-10-20

Add support for nameservers

Fix examples to make "nameservers:" a per-interface setting.

LP: #1626617

8facd89... by Jonathan Cave on 2016-10-03

Blacklist mwifiex_pcie from rebinds

Rebinding appears to cause a kernel panic in this driver
in a range of kernel versions.

Works around LP: #1630285

b5f91d3... by Martin Pitt on 2016-08-30

releasing package nplan version 0.12

d80a098... by Martin Pitt on 2016-08-30

Add support for bonds

bfd2b58... by Martin Pitt on 2016-08-30

tests/ Stop upping client veth interfaces

We want to check that the backends up the interface themselves, and it is
apparently not necessary any more to up them for dnsmasq setup.

14a1fa3... by Martin Pitt on 2016-08-30

netplan apply: Ignore Non-symlinks in /sys/class/net

There can be plain files like /sys/class/net/bonding_masters, ignore those.