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6ec04e5... by James McCoy

Merge pull request #19833 from neovim/backport-19826-to-release-0.7

[Backport release-0.7] revert: "jobstart(): Fix hang on non-executable cwd #9204"

a7f4d0a... by zeertzjq <email address hidden>

revert: "jobstart(): Fix hang on non-executable cwd #9204"

This reverts commit c4c74c3883aa3122c0c877ca8dd7b26beb5cc4aa.

LibUV already gives an error for this, so this isn't needed.

(cherry picked from commit b94e2c8520d56b61dee7414f76a4fcdb9113d5d8)

44205fe... by Christian Clason <email address hidden>

[Backport release-0.7] fix(signs): priority of extmark signs (#19718) (#19721)

fix(signs): priority of extmark signs (#19718)

Co-authored-by: Lewis Russell <email address hidden>

4cd0ee4... by zeertzjq <email address hidden>

fix(api): fix nvim_buf_set_text heap-use-after-free (#19650)

The line returned but ml_get_buf() may be freed by another call to
ml_get_buf(), so it is necessary to make a copy.

229e14c... by zeertzjq <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #19651 from zeertzjq/backport-to-release-0.7

Backport #19620 and #19630 to release-0.7

37b3fc4... by zeertzjq <email address hidden>

fix(ui): set redraw_cmdline when setting window height

ad84bbb... by zeertzjq <email address hidden>

fix(tabpage): check if ROWS_AVAIL changed for resize

5190f82... by zeertzjq <email address hidden>

refactor: add space around arithmetic operators '+' and '-'

ce7df67... by "github-actions[bot]" <41898282+github-actions[bot]@users.noreply.github.com>

[Backport release-0.7] fix seg fault in find_tagfunc_tags (#19503)

fix: fix seg fault in find_tagfunc_tags

(cherry picked from commit 187c02cc407bdec5aaa2c5c1ace75b5b68e2b696)

Co-authored-by: Frederick Mayle <email address hidden>

56834f4... by Mathias Fussenegger

fix(lsp): set workspace.configuration capability

Neovim implements `workspace/configuration`
It should set the capability accordingly.

From https://microsoft.github.io/language-server-protocol/specifications/lsp/3.17/specification/#clientCapabilities:

     * The client supports `workspace/configuration` requests.
     * @since 3.6.0
    configuration?: boolean;

(cherry picked from commit 13594c7a6fa9770e99654d609a2296c6f0f84afd)