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174c24f... by marvim <email address hidden>

version.c: update [skip ci]

3ac55fe... by zeertzjq <email address hidden>

build(bump_deps.lua): run command -v in shell (#22030)

When I run ./scripts/bump_deps.lua I get an error:

  Vim:E475: Invalid value for argument cmd: 'command' is not executable

Running command -v in shell fixes this.

c9ac4e4... by Amaan Qureshi <email address hidden>

vim-patch:9.0.1261: Elsa files are not recognized (#22047)

Problem: Elsa files are not recognized.
Solution: Add the name of Elsa files. (Amaan Qureshi)


9cb3b27... by dundargoc <email address hidden>

ci(news): mention that ignoring news.txt is fine (#22043)

news.txt is only meant as a reminder, but contributors have no way of
knowing this automatically without such a message.

9301256... by dundargoc <email address hidden>

build: enable ccache project-wide (#22045)

Currently, only the nvim target uses ccache but not libnvim or
unittests. It is generally a good idea to operate on targets rather than
globally, but this is an exception as there isn't a target where we
don't want to use ccache on.

8144deb... by Christian Clason <email address hidden>

vim-patch:9.0.1256: NetworkManager connection files are not recognized (#22038)

Problem: NetworkManager connection files are not recognized.
Solution: Add a pattern for NetworkManager connection files. (closes vim/vim#11893)


Co-authored-by: ObserverOfTime <email address hidden>

4c90a84... by zeertzjq <email address hidden>

vim-patch:9.0.1255: changing 'virtualedit' does not have immediate effect (#22039)

Problem: Changing 'virtualedit' does not have immediate effect.
Solution: Correct how is checked for a changed value. (closes vim/vim#11878)


Co-authored-by: Bram Moolenaar <email address hidden>

b4c4c23... by zeertzjq <email address hidden>

fix(fileio.c): don't use uninitialized memory (#22031)

881d4ad... by dundargoc <email address hidden>

build: enable ccache by default if available (#22020)

Initial benchmarks show that this gives a nice 50% compile time
reduction for neovim. This shouldn't affect users or CI, but it's a nice
speedup for local development. The C_COMPILER_LAUNCHER target property
is only supported by Makefiles and Ninja generators only, so this won't
give a speedup when using the Xcode and Visual Studio generators even if
ccache is available.

2cde6a1... by Christian Clason <email address hidden>

build(deps): bump unibilium to d72c3598e7ac5d1ebf86ee268b8b4ed95c0fa628 (#22019)

actually use build system improvements