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Recent revisions

131. By tpenttinen on 2013-01-14

Removed an unnecessary validation check for the uniqueness of a device icon. This may have prevented some devices from being discovered by HControlPoint.

130. By tpenttinen on 2012-12-01

This should've been included in the previous commit.

129. By tpenttinen on 2012-12-01

HUPnPAv BREAKING CHANGE: Modified the signal HRendererConnectionManager::connectionAdded().
HUPnPAv: disabled the use of deep UPnP device model validation from client-side adapters for better interoperability.
HUPnPAv: CurrentConnectionIDs state variable wasn't always updated as it should.
Simple AV Test App: Disabled the use of PrepareForConnection from the test renderer. It seems some control points have problems with that.
Simple AV Test App and HUPnPAv: a few bug fixes and minor changes not worth mentioning individually.

128. By tpenttinen on 2012-11-29

* BREAKING CHANGE to HUPnPAv: Modified the HRendererConnectionManager API (create() -> createAndAdd(), doCreate() signature changed)
* BREAKING CHANGE to HUPnPAv: Removed connectionId() from HRendererConnection. The same information is available through the object returned by connection().
* HUPnPAv: Added methods to HRendererConnectionManager for removing and retrieving connections.
* HUPnPAv: Added methods to HRendererConnection: setAdditionalInfo(), setConnectionStatus(), setContentFormat(), finalizeInit().
* HUPnPAv: Added setProtocolInfo() to HConnectionInfo.
* HUPnPAv: Fixed a few bugs related to handling connection information, e.g. the connection related information available in HRendererConnection wasn't provided to UPnP clients as it should.

127. By tpenttinen on 2012-10-27

* BREAKING CHANGE to HUPnPAv: Modified the HRendererConnectionManager API to support the connections of many UPnP devices. The need for this was noted to me by Magne Bratseth <email address hidden>. Thanks!
* BREAKING CHANGE to HUPnPAv: Renamed the writableInfo() and info() methods of HRendererConnection to better reflect their intented purpose.
* HUPnPAv: Added writableConnectionInfo() and connectionInfo() methods to HRendererConnection. The need for this was noted to me by Magne Bratseth <email address hidden>. Thanks!
* HUPnPAv: Fixed a few crash bugs due to null pointer dereference. These were reported by Magne Bratseth <email address hidden>. Thanks!

126. By tpenttinen on 2012-07-28

Added missing DLNADOC/1.50 token.

125. By tpenttinen on 2012-07-28

- Modified the HUPnP and HUPnPAv project files to create the shared libraries with correct version information.
- Modified HUPnP to accept root devices that have embedded devices containing the same ServiceIDs. This issue was discovered a while back by Sverre Eplov <email address hidden>. Thanks!

124. By tpenttinen on 2012-07-27

**Breaking changes to HUPnP and HUPnPAv APIs**

Changed the version of HUPnP to 2.0 and the version of HUPnPAv to 0.0.2.

- Breaking changes to HUPnP were done to HProductTokens and HProductToken classes. It's likely that code relying on these classes require changes. In addition, the classes now support the DLNADOC token.
- Fixed a few content-type -related bugs in HUPnP's HTTP components.
- Modified the HTTP server to include "SERVER" header on the responses it sends.
- Some other minor issues not worth mentioning individually.

- Breaking changes to HUPnPAv were done to HMediaServerDeviceConfiguration.
- Added some additional sort capabilities to the content directory.
- Added a configuration class for media server's connection manager. Currently, the class provides the possibility of specifying the supported "ProtocolInfo" of a media server (see ConnectionManager spec. for more information).
- Modified the default ProtocolInfo of a media server's connection manager to detail a large number of MIME types and DLNA profiles. Previously it simply stated: "everything is supported".

123. By tpenttinen on 2012-07-21

- Added an add() overload to HFileSystemDataSource that takes in a file path and based on that, creates a new CDS item and adds it into the data source instance.
- Modified the HUPnPAv simple test app to use the new function.

122. By tpenttinen on 2012-07-19

- Added the possibility to add individual files into the HUPnPAv simple test app
- Fixed various renderer bugs in HUPnPAv simple test app
- Added HItem::hasContentFormat() helper method
- Added HAbstractCdsDataSource::findContainerWithTitle() helper method
- Added HFileSystemDataSource::add(HContainer*,AddFlag) method for adding a container to the data source.
- Modified HFileSystemDataSource::add(HItem*,AddFlag) to check if the specified CDS item has MIME type specified and if not, try to deduce what it could be. The idea was suggested by Smit Mehta <email address hidden>. Thanks!
- Modified the MediaRendererAdapter + MediaServerAdapter classes to fallback for searching mandatory services by type if the services cannot be found by the ID values specified in the UPnP AV spec. This modification was done to improve interoperability with UPnP devices that do not specify the service IDs correctly. Such issues were discovered and reported by Steven Blackburn <email address hidden>. Thanks!
- Fixed a few smaller bugs not worth mentioning individually.

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