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75c5b11... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2019-08-20

Merge branch 'trunk' into traffic

e7a70e9... by lains on 2019-08-20

Fix: Fix pkgconfig detection, and multiple subsequent build for Android (#833)

* Fixing lib detection based on build host for Android builds

* Fixing workaround according to jandegr's proposal

* Fixing subsequent Android builds (where rename fails because of pre-existing renamed files)

b01fbab... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2019-08-19

Merge branch 'trunk' into traffic

c2f9838... by jandegr <email address hidden> on 2019-08-16

Android build fix and update (#827)

ba408d6... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2019-08-16

Refactor:traffic:Make sanity check happy

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->

8d1bd29... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2019-08-16

Fix:traffic:When restoring items, iterate over mapset only once

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->

1140725... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2019-08-12

Fix:traffic:Make Android build happy

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->

da02e7e... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2019-08-12

Add:traffic:Preserve cached items even if they were not restored

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->

d82c3ba... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2019-08-12

Fix:traffic:Make sanity check happy

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->

2a9c0c6... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2019-08-12

Fix:traffic:Add forgotten line

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->