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31ab588... by Joseph Herlant <email address hidden> on 2020-01-18

Merge branch 'trunk' into remove_ant

55c1900... by Stefan Wildemann <email address hidden> on 2020-01-15

feature:graphics/android: add polygons with holes support (#889)

* Feature:graphics/android:add polygons with holes

* fix java errors

* add jni code

* link routine to structure

* try to pass sanity check for java.

This is so annoying

* Fix errors

* Fix cloaking variables a and b. Silly me.

* Fix bad merge

* Fix checkstyle errors

Co-authored-by: Joseph Herlant <email address hidden>
Co-authored-by: jkoan <email address hidden>

941cb4e... by jkoan kerich on 2020-01-15

change:build_android:Remove dependency of ant. Not needed anymore

efd08ab... by jkoan kerich on 2020-01-15

fix:build:android:Fix android build on circleci, now usinf ndk version of the circleci images
tested with command: circleci local execute --job build_android

7feda75... by Joseph Herlant <email address hidden> on 2019-11-26

fix:ci:Fix checkstyle changes since 8.24 (#946)

* fix:ci:TreeWalker is not allowed as a parent of LineLength since 8.24

* fix:ci:minLineCount has been removed from JavadocMethod in checkstyle 8.25

* Upgrade checkstyle to 8.26

* update:doc:Specify a minimum version needed for checkstyle outside of gradle

f742fff... by gefin <email address hidden> on 2019-11-08

fix:tomtom:Make sure the tomtom_plugin and tomtom_minimal contain navit.xml (#875)

* Issue/823

Fix navit.xml (tomtom480.xml) and locales path

* Issue/823

Fix missing navit.xml (tomtom480.xml) and locale path

* add xslt support

* Update

* Moving change performed in aa10e05a89f9bd26a4c5cf46a264b41fd9ec93b9 inside (and adding it to circleci process)

* Only running installation for xsltproc in circleci

* Update

copy also the layout xml files to target

* copy also the layout xml to target

* Selecting specific xml prefixes during copy

* Fixing tomtom's xslt following split of xml config files at e70a28963ff9754d3257361fad93aebf59edee08

776fd64... by Joseph Herlant <email address hidden> on 2019-11-08

add:doc:document the sanity check steps and add a note about the Java code

541bff3... by lains on 2019-11-06

Update:Android:Navit logo. Closes #909 (#943(

87dabb3... by Patrick Höhn <email address hidden> on 2019-11-05

Update:i18n:Updated Swedish translation from launchpad (#912)

fbe6d4c... by Stefan Wildemann <email address hidden> on 2019-11-05

fix:various:fix compiler warnings (#940)

* fix:core:build without warnings

on my setup navit_core build without non avoidable warnings.

* fix:dbus:fix compiler warnings

* fix:gui/internal: remov compiler warnings

* fix:various:remove compiler warnings

* fix:various remove compiler warnings.

* fix:various: fix android compiler warnings