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15a526e... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2021-02-07

Fix:build/android:do not double-define getcwd on recent NDK versions

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->

37f22db... by Michael von Glasow on 2021-01-31

Merge pull request #1083 from navit-gps/traff_0_8

Add TraFF 0.8 support

3aaab0a... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2021-01-24

Refactor:traffic/traff_android:remove TODO comment

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->

97669fb... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2021-01-24

Refactor:traffic:Make sanity check happy

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->

82c0bbb... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2021-01-24

Add:traffic:Log class/type of unrecognized events during XML parsing

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->

75eb314... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2021-01-24

Add:traffic:Log ID for messages discarded as invalid

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->

d5f9db8... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2021-01-23

Merge branch 'master' into traff_0_8

# Conflicts:
# navit/android/AndroidManifest.xml.cmake

91222b8... by jkoan <email address hidden> on 2021-01-15

fix:build:android: Fix VersionCode after 31.12.2020 (#1082)

* fix:build:android: Fix VersionCode after 31.12.2020

Currently the VewrsionCode has the Format yyMMddHHmm
which breaked at 01.01.2021 because the maximum allowed Version by
Google Play is 2100000000 because of the limitation of older Android
Out currently highest VersionCode is 2012201504 and we need to keep it
continuous, so the new Format would be yyyyMMddHH.
Of cause this has the limitation that we can "only" create one
Versioncode per Hour.
But this is the the best @hoehnp and I came up yesterday.
As a result a PR will follow which will remove the android build from
the master build and instead will add it to a scheduled build (nightly

* change:build:android:Implement @mvglasow's Idea about a Versioncode every 15min's

3a02572... by jkoan <email address hidden> on 2021-01-11

fix:doc:Fix Link to full Changelog

99da64a... by jkoan <email address hidden> on 2021-01-08

fix:build:Remove install of git as the baseimage already has it