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1ab6a53... by jkoan <email address hidden>

Merge branch 'trunk' into fix_1033

27d4844... by jkoan kerich

fix:core:Optimize log message for required vehicle attributes

923709a... by jkoan kerich

fix:vehicle:gpsd:Add Support for Gpsd 3.21

5e1377c... by =?utf-8?q?Johan_Fiti=C3=A9?= <email address hidden>

change:android:Remove map download size limit on modern Android versions (#1029)

* Android: Increase map download size limit

* Condition

* Condition #2

* ru

* Condition #3

* Clean up

* Try...

* String

* long->double

* Incorrect version

* Fix comment indent

* 4GiB to 3.8GiB as before

* Simplify expression

* Int

* Make Android version regex more save

* Fix

* Don't crash on strings containing no numeric value

* Revert strings

* Revert string

* Simplify

* Add space and comment

* Skip variable

* CheckStyle

* Simplify

Co-authored-by: jkoan <email address hidden>

a829597... by jkoan kerich

Bump version to 0.5.5

44c6d83... by jkoan kerich

fix:android:Remove old, confusing AndroidManifest.xml

473c6fd... by jkoan kerich

fix:android:Readd android:sharedUserId to allow for Updates

a068b55... by jkoan kerich

change:core:Remove unused argument from attr_search

2f709d9... by Benjamin Davies

Fix:readme:Fixed broken link #914 (#1031)

8f45131... by =?utf-8?q?Johan_Fiti=C3=A9?= <email address hidden>

Android: Activate downloaded maps automatically (#1027)

* Android: Active downloaded maps automatically

* Only process Planet Extractor binfiles