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9250021... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2021-02-13

Add:CI:Add job for F-Droid build

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->

c843d5e... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2021-02-28

Fix:CI:use Android image for sanity_check

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->

cd1f4e5... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2021-02-28

Fix:build:Use NDK libraries when building for Android

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->

2146fcd... by Michael von Glasow on 2021-02-28

Refactor:core:Documentation update (#1095)

e90aa03... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2021-02-20

Fix:build:Keep generated Android resource files in build dir

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->

d98dfad... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2021-02-06

Fix:build:Reduce source tree pollution by Android build
CMake output now moved to android-builddir
Generated XML, PNG and translations still get written to source tree

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->

eb8bf6d... by jkoan kerich on 2021-02-20

fix:vehicle:gpsd:Fix #1090, plugin_init not found

c43428f... by jkoan kerich on 2021-02-20

fixed:android:build:Fixed the apk outputname and the corresponding locations within the scripts

f7f9b16... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2021-02-19

Fix:build:do not request CXX if explicitly disabled

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->

093b653... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2021-02-16

Refactor:build:merge into one single build.gradle

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->