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2f2c220... by Charles Curley on 2019-02-18

patch:vehicle:gpsd allow navit to use gpsd API version 7 and higher, which have an API change.

 modified: navit/vehicle/gpsd/vehicle_gpsd.c

01c0762... by Michael von Glasow on 2019-02-11

Enable traffic plugins by default (#744)

* Add:xml:Configure null traffic plugin by default

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->

* Add:port/android:Enable traff_android by default

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->

7ad38bd... by Michael von Glasow on 2019-02-05

Merge pull request #746 from mvglasow/android-build2

Android build chain updates

ff26b80... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2019-02-05

Refactor:circleci:Rename build_android_arm to build_android
This step will build for the platforms set in build.gradle.
Currently this is arm and x86.

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->

95467ce... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2019-02-05

Add:build:Remove deprecated

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->

9566d4b... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2019-02-05

Add:build:Add Android SDK bin dir to path

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->

72fa3c4... by Michael von Glasow on 2019-01-30

Merge pull request #743 from navit-gps/fix_qt5_vehicle

Fix:vehicle_qt5:Properly update position status

474e266... by metalstrolch <email address hidden> on 2019-01-30

Fix:vehicle_qt5:Properly update position status

94fccd7... by Stefan Wildemann <email address hidden> on 2019-01-30

Merge pull request #682 from lains/fixing_resize

Fix:gui/internal:Handling resize/rotation

This fixes long standing problem that internal GUI gets reset when resizing the screen. Since rotating a handheld device triggers screen resize this was really annoying.
Now you can rotate your device while entering into town search...

13b6ea5... by Stefan Wildemann <email address hidden> on 2019-01-30

Merge pull request #741 from navit-gps/qt5_osd_layer_fix

Fix:graphics_qt5:fix overlay handling

This merge fixes graphics_qt5 to properly handle (osd) overlays.
- They display properly
- Enable and disable is handled right
- They are redrawn after changes