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50b439c... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2020-12-20

Fix:ci:Relax checkstyle rules for Java code, see #1041

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->

cacec40... by Tim Gates <email address hidden> on 2020-12-19

docs: fix simple typo, useage -> usage

There is a small typo in navit/support/espeak/readclause.c.

Should read `usage` rather than `useage`.

38a0573... by jkoan <email address hidden> on 2020-12-19

add:graphics:svg_debug:Add svg_debugging plugin (#1061)

* graphics:svg_debug:Add initial version of svg_debug

Some TODOs still remaining, but its working good so far

* fiexed:svg_debug:Fixed memory leeks on exit of plugin

* fix:graphics:Some final touches for svg_debug

* fix:graphics:svg_debug:Reformat to match navit style

* fix:graphics:svg_debug:Reformat again to match navit style (Eclipse
brakes things... now astyle)

* fix:grpahics:svg_debug:Fix C99 for-loop

3ab540c... by Michael von Glasow on 2020-12-19

Merge pull request #1077 from navit-gps/traff_crash

Minor TraFF-related fixes

a1d4b2d... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2020-12-19

Refactor:core:Fix documentation for route_graph_build()

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->

d235b23... by mvglasow <michael -at-> on 2020-12-19

Fix:core:Prevent crash if destination is set before acquiring a location

Signed-off-by: mvglasow <michael -at->

bab784a... by jkoan kerich on 2020-08-15

fix:vehicle_geoclue:Fix speed and direction and do some cleanup

c5e8008... by jkoan kerich on 2020-08-14

fix:vehicle:Fix codestyle

6a3c215... by jkoan kerich on 2020-08-14

add:vehicle:Add first Prototype of the geoclue Plugin

310570b... by jkoan kerich on 2020-10-14

fix:android:Add possibility to use background position usage