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2233f4e... by Pierre GRANDIN <email address hidden> on 2019-09-26

Merge branch 'trunk' into aerostitch/short_circuit

8a0630b... by gefin <email address hidden> on 2019-09-26

Add watch after reopen the gps file (#872)

* Add watch after reopen the file

      vehicle_file_close(priv) disables the watch of the file.
      vehicle_file_open(priv) dont re enable it. So the gps position was frozen

d18dec5... by jandegr <email address hidden> on 2019-09-26

Fix:android:64 bit and cleanup2 (#877)

f304cfc... by Stefan Wildemann <email address hidden> on 2019-09-25

enhancement:layout_car:use transparency to draw some map features (#879)

With the introduction of the multipolygon code we now have all the nice landuses in the map. However, in OSM there are some map features that are not mapped as multipolygon but just "above" the other landuses. Like poly_zoo, poly_theme_park or poly_airfield.
Current configuration causes them to be hidden by the landuses, as these are drawn after the above mentioned. OSM's Mapnik style solves the problem by drawing those feature transparent above the landuses.
This pull request does so for some map features as well causing the map to look way better.

If transparent drawing is not supported by the platform, this causes the mentioned polys to be drawn above the landuses, showing them, eventually hiding some landuse details underneath. But this looks even better than before too.

NOTE: Transparent drawing is known to work on: Qt5 (sailfish) and gtk.
NOTE: Transparent drawing is known NOT to work on SDL
Dont't know for all the others. Sombody might want to check Android? Remember #852 on comparing screenshots though.

* Fix: layout_car: draw map features transparent on top

Some map featuresa re usually not put into multipolygons, but simple
tagged "on top" of the others. So It's quite common for example to
tag "poly_airport" on top of the underlying other landuses inside the
airport. Move (some) of those elements on top of the polygon draw stack
and make them transparent. Looks way better on graphics that support
transparency. Not much is lost on those that don't.

* Fix: layout_car: differentiate meadow and farmland in color

* enhancement:layout-car:Make poly_barracks and poly_university transparent

d68e217... by Stefan Wildemann <email address hidden> on 2019-09-25

fix/enhancement:graphics/layout:get default icon size from layout + draw tunnels transparent + mark oneway streets (#884)

This pull request adds the possibility to globally set a default for icon size of a layout.
You can now give "icon_h" and "icon_w" properties in "layout" tag. This causes navit to not use the real size of an icon but to scale it to have the requested size. Guessing prescaled icons (the name_w_h.png's of course works. Default size of 22x22px which is the default size hint on most of the svg's is used. This fixes #819.

This pull request adds the property "underground_alpha" to the "graphics" tag giving the alpha value to use as transparency if ways are flagged with AF_UNDERGROUND. This effectively renders tunnels in transparent.

This pull request adds a "oneway" tag to itemgras in layouts. Together with the enhancements of the "arrows" itemgra used for drawing the route graph one can print nice arrows on oneway roads.

c85a42d... by OLFDB <email address hidden> on 2019-09-25

Feature:Support USERPROFILE folder for Windows target (#758)

* Rework:USERPROFILE for Windows
Use extended environment_vars array for Windows. Use ~ to provide
homedir for Windows using USERPROFILE.

9bfeb7e... by Joseph Herlant <email address hidden> on 2019-09-23

add:doc: Migrate MacOS, Windows and WinCE Development pages to readthedocs (#883)

* add:doc: Migrate MacOS Development page to readthedocs

* add:doc:migrate wince development to readthedocs

* Fix trailing spaces

* add:doc: Migrate windows development to readthedocs

* Fix trailing spaces

4b118f9... by Joseph Herlant <email address hidden> on 2019-09-22

update:doc:Migrating linux development and dependencies from the old wiki (#880)

* update:doc:Migrating linux development from the old wiki

* copy-paster pages

* Finalizing

bb680f7... by lains on 2019-09-22

Add/Android: Provide geo coordinates for clicked position in contextual menu (#794)

* Adding unescape string utility and unescaping alls values in textfile attributes
* Moving coordinates_geo out of internal use in gui_internal_command.c (to coord.c)
* Moving gui_internal_escape() into generic str_escape() function in util.c
* Moving strncpy_unescape() into generic function in util.c
* Using geo coords as item name in Android contextual menu "Route Here"
* Using string escaping (for double quotes) when writing former destinations to file
* Adding new type DEGREES_MINUTES_SECONDS_BRIEF to factorize coordinates_geo()
And fixing the example strings to match what is actually output by the function
* Adding support for DEGREES_MINUTES_SECONDS_BRIEF format into coord_format
And add internal coord_format_with_sep() to specify the separator
* Fixing doxygen doc for coord_format_with_sep()
* Making coord_format() inline
* Using new factorized generic function coord_geo_format_short() instead of coordinates_geo()
* Changing single contextual window title with GPS coords on Android
* Adding string bytes length for each coord to string format, using short format in pcoord_format_short() and coord_geo_format_short()
* Using pcoord_format_short() in android

deccb6c... by Stefan Wildemann <email address hidden> on 2019-09-20

fix:graphics/qt5: Allow to draw transparent polygons (#878)

There is a "misconception" in qt5 graphics about how to draw transparent stuff causing transparent items on the map to not correctly work. This PR changes qt5 graphics to force-clear overlays on starting to draw them instead of force clearing the shape of a transparent item. While this imposes the limitation that the content of an overlay cannot be drawn in multiple runs, it allows to draw transparent stuff on the map.
Luckily I don't know of any overlay item yet that is not drawn in one run. So this seems to work OK.