Merge lp:~nathan-zorn/poetry/poetry-pubsub-subcommands into lp:poetry

Proposed by Nathan Zorn on 2008-10-30
Status: Merged
Merge reported by: Jack Moffitt
Merged at revision: 7
Proposed branch: lp:~nathan-zorn/poetry/poetry-pubsub-subcommands
Merge into: lp:poetry
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~nathan-zorn/poetry/poetry-pubsub-subcommands
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Jack Moffitt 2008-10-30 Approve on 2008-11-06
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Nathan Zorn (nathan-zorn) wrote :

I added the publish and subscribe command and moved configure into a subcommand. The new script is named pubsub.

Jack Moffitt (metajack) wrote :

It looks like the case of passing no subcommand is not handled. I get a traceback of KeyError on the config['password'] line.

Also, typing in bogus commands gets a traceback. I tried "pubsub help" specifically.

The basic split up looks fine.

review: Needs Fixing
Jack Moffitt (metajack) wrote :

Working now. Merged into lp:poetry/trunk

review: Approve
9. By Nathan Zorn <nathan@topanga> on 2008-11-06

print usage when no subcommands are given, print usage when incorrect subcommands are given


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