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Natalia Bidart
Ubuntu Single Sign On Client

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829. By Natalia Bidart on 2012-03-06

Attaching bug numbers.

828. By Natalia Bidart on 2012-03-06

- Updating from trunk up to revno 901.

827. By Natalia Bidart on 2012-02-22

- Release v2.99.5.

826. By Diego Sarmentero on 2012-02-22

- Updating from trunk up to revno 882:

[ Diego Sarmentero <email address hidden> ]
  - Fixed: Captcha is failing for the Qt UI (LP: #933679).
  - Add stylesheets for the Qt UI.
  - Fixed: Qt UI: must call the backend passing reply_handler
    and error_handler (LP: #931452).

[ Natalia B. Bidart <email address hidden> ]
  - Make gettext return unicode strings. Also, transform arguments passed to
    the GLib spawnner to bytes (LP: #933632).
  - Fix lint issue on nightlies build (LP: #934488).
  - Try to load the qt main/ implementation when possible, if not default
    to the glib (LP: #933534).
  - Make the bin_dir discoverable when running from the system installation
    (LP: #933039).

[ Roberto Alsina <email address hidden> ]
  - Implement timeout_func for the Qt frontend (LP: #933758).

825. By Natalia Bidart on 2012-02-15

- Release v2.99.4.

824. By Natalia Bidart on 2012-02-15

- Updating from trunk up to revno 874:

[ Alejandro J. Cura <email address hidden> ]
  - Use parameters set in the url for the OAuth signature (LP: #927664).
  - libsoup bindings need flattening to work around nul bytes in content
    (LP: #921822).
  - Replace urllib2.Request with common web-client (LP: #884972).
  - Replace urllib2.urlopen with common web-client (LP: #884975).
  - Fix tests failing in sso with test_webclient (LP: #920591).

[ Diego Sarmentero <email address hidden> ]
  - Fixed: Qt UI: after clicking on "I've forgotten my password",
    and entering an email, nothing happens (LP: #931577).
  - Fixed: Qt UI must return ubuntu_sso.USER_SUCCESS and
    ubuntu_sso.USER_CANCELLATION accordingly (LP. #930718).
  - Fixed: Qt UI: congratulations page is empty (LP: #930720).
  - Fixed: Qt UI: "I've forgotten my password" button can not be
    clicked (LP: #930722)
  - Fixed: Qt UI must return ubuntu_sso.USER_SUCCESS and
    ubuntu_sso.USER_CANCELLATION accordingly (LP: #930718).
  - Fixed: Qt UI: when calling login or validate_email,
    should pass the ping_url (LP: #930724).
  - Added signals for the different pages, letting the wizard decide
    what to do in each case.
  - Refactor the pages and controller in sso (LP: #929686).
  - Migrate SSO Pages from the Wizard to SSO (LP: #925531).

[ Manuel de la Pena <email address hidden> ]
  - Adds the code that will load the creds from the keyring when we retry.
  - Adds the script that allows to launch the creds dialog.
    Adds tests for main.
  - Allows the creds dialog to store the credentials in the keyring
    (LP: #929451).
  - Adds the credentials dialog with nearly no functionality to the project
    (LP: #916029).
  - Adds support for username:password@domain urls in the qt implementation
    of the webclient.

[ Natalia B. Bidart <email address hidden> ]
  - Proper name in setup.py for the proxy credentials executable
    (LP: #932328).
  - No more 'Congratulations, app_name has installed' message since
    we're not installing (LP: #931574).
  - Refactored logic on setup_account_page.py to displya terms and/or
    privacy links properly (LP: #931589).
  - Unified UI parse_args and have them accepting a policy_url param
    (LP: #931464).
  - Make the UI runner use the absolute path to the UI executables
    (LP: #930651).
  - Allow callers pass a 'policy_url' parameter to use in the UIs
    (LP: #930142).
  - Execute the UI as a separated process from the sso main thread
    (LP: #919330).
  - Hold on to the Qprocess instance to avoid garbage collection
    (LP: #930140).
  - Move the ping method from the credentials module to the
    UserManagement interface (LP: #929670).
  - The Gtk UI must handle errors from dbus when calling the backend
    (LP: #929820).
  - Provide a helper to spawn programs from the main loop that is being
     used by the SSO Service (LP: #920949).
  - Install ui files consitently between Gtk and Qt (part of LP: #927994).
  - Remove unused "thread_execute" function (LP: #928581).
  - Delay twisted.internet.reactor and twisted.web import to avoid
    ReactorAlreadyInstalledError (LP: #927788).
  - Added a dedicated logger for the gui module.
  - Migrated the GTK UI to use GI bindings (LP: #801111).
  - Enabled libsoup backend for webclient so the GTK UI will work.
  - Enabled the running of all the tests using the single command
  - Added an initial version of GLib and Qt mainloop integration
    (needed to run all the tests).
  - Provide a QT UI executable (LP: #925073).
  - Add a method to obtain an OAuth signed uri.

[ Rodney Dawes <email address hidden> ]
  - Connect the activate-link button by hand to avoid Gtk-WARNING messages.

823. By Natalia Bidart on 2012-02-02

- Release v2.99.3.

822. By Alejandro J. Cura on 2012-01-31

[ Natalia B. Bidart <email address hidden> ]
  - Skipping failing tests (see bug #920591).
  - Make webclient an installable module.
  - Make the GTK UI a separated executable script (LP: #917373).

[ Diego Sarmentero <email address hidden> ]
  - Delete signal removal to keep listening to network state changes (LP: #920591).

[ Alejandro J. Cura <email address hidden> ]
  - Restfulclient calls are now POST; response.headers are now case-insensitive
  dicts; OAuth timestamp sync with the server (LP: #916034).

[ Manuel de la Pena <email address hidden> ]
  - Add the possibility to skip the lint checks on windows when passing the
  /skip-lint parameter to run-tests.bat (LP: #918248).

821. By Natalia Bidart on 2012-01-17

- Release v2.99.2.

820. By Manuel de la Peña on 2012-01-17

[ Alejandro J. Cura <email address hidden> ]
  - An async, proxy-enabled replacement for lazr.restfulclient
  - Fix filter that broke maverick and lucid build; removed demo script that
    gives lint error.
  - Proxy aware webclient with QtNetwork and libsoup backends, and integration
    tests (LP: #884963 LP: #884968 LP: #884970 LP: #884971 LP: #911844).
  - Silence warnings printed by dbus on the test run (LP: #912920).
[ Natalia B. Bidart <email address hidden> ]
  - Remove duplications and unify code for IPC using Twisted's Perspective
    Broker between ubuntu-sso-client and ubuntuone-client (LP: #834730).
[ Diego Sarmentero <email address hidden> ]
  - Fixed: Missing page: No network detected (LP: #804610).

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