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Proposed by Nish Aravamudan
Status: Needs review
Proposed branch: ~nacc/curtin:nacc/curtin-mirror-config
Merge into: curtin:master
Diff against target: 26 lines (+9/-2)
1 file modified
curtin/commands/ (+9/-2)
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Paride Legovini Needs Fixing
Server Team CI bot continuous-integration Needs Fixing
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Unmerged commits

b2b2f64... by Nishanth Aravamudan <email address hidden> on 2020-12-23

apt_config: allow in-place source.list modification to use mirror from config

If no sources.list template is provided for an `apt` stanza,
generate_source_list will use the default_mirrors unconditionally,
even when that same stanza is defining a mirror. This seems counter-
intuitive, given that the config-specified mirror is fetched earlier
in the function. Attempt to use a config-specified value, and fallback
to the default values.

A side-effect of the current code is that without this change, when
the dist files are renamed on the target filesystem, if the in-use
mirror is not an exact match for the public Ubuntu archive, apt
gets very unhappy.

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1diff --git a/curtin/commands/ b/curtin/commands/
2index ff906be..5ed628e 100644
3--- a/curtin/commands/
4+++ b/curtin/commands/
5@@ -298,12 +298,19 @@ def generate_sources_list(cfg, release, mirrors, target=None):
6 tmpl = util.load_file(paths.target_path(target, aptsrc))
7 # Strategy if no custom template was provided:
8 # - Only replacing mirrors
9+ # + Allow overriding via config (@params)
10 # - no reason to replace "release" as it is from target anyway
11 # - The less we depend upon, the more stable this is against changes
12 # - warn if expected original content wasn't found
13- tmpl = mirror_to_placeholder(tmpl, default_mirrors['PRIMARY'],
14+ tmpl = mirror_to_placeholder(tmpl,
15+ params.fetch(
16+ 'PRIMARY',
17+ default_mirrors['PRIMARY']),
18 "$MIRROR")
19- tmpl = mirror_to_placeholder(tmpl, default_mirrors['SECURITY'],
20+ tmpl = mirror_to_placeholder(tmpl,
21+ params.fetch(
23+ default_mirrors['SECURITY']),
26 orig = paths.target_path(target, aptsrc)


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