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2778. By Alexander Nozdrin <email address hidden> on 2009-05-16

Merge from 6.0

2777. By Dmitry Lenev <email address hidden> on 2009-05-15

Fix for bug #44738 "fill_schema_table_from_frm() opens tables without
lowercasing table name".

In lower_case_table_names > 0 mode some queries to I_S left entries
with incorrect key in table definition cache. This wasted memory and
in combination with similar problem in CREATE TABLE (which also has
peeked into table definition cache using non-normalized key) led to
to spurious ER_TABLE_EXISTS_ERROR errors when one tried to create a
table with the same name as a previously existing but dropped table
(assuming that table name contained characters in upper case).

This problem occured due to fact that fill_schema_table_from_frm()
was not properly normalizing (lowercasing) database and table names
which it used for lookups in table definition cache.

This fix adds proper normalization to this function. It also solves
similar problem in CREATE TABLE's code by ensuring that it uses
properly normalized version of table name when it peeks into table
definition cache instead of non-normalized one.

2776. By Jon Olav Hauglid <email address hidden> on 2009-05-14

manual merge

2775. By Jon Olav Hauglid <email address hidden> on 2009-05-14

Bug #21793 Missing CF_CHANGES_DATA and CF_STATUS_COMMAND for
handful of commands

CF_CHANGES_DATA and CF_STATUS_COMMAND flags added to the
commands mentioned in the bug description. With the following
two exceptions:

1) 4 commands do not exist:

2) All SQLCOM_SHOW_* commands already had CF_STATUS_COMMAND,

Further, check_prepared_statement() in sql_prepare.cc has been
simplified by taking advantage of the CF_STATUS_COMMAND flag.

Note that no test case has been added.

2774. By Davi Arnaut <email address hidden> on 2009-05-11

Merge from 6.0 main.

2773. By Jon Olav Hauglid <email address hidden> on 2009-05-08

manual merge

2772. By Jon Olav Hauglid <email address hidden> on 2009-05-08

Bug #31293 create logfile group/tablespace returns OK with warning
when engine=myisam

Bug title slightly misleading. The problem was that syntax
errors (1064) were mistakenly generated for the following statements:

These statments used without any extra clauses gave syntax errors.
Adding one or more clauses would remove the syntax error, even if
those clauses are all defined as optional. The fix changes the
grammar to accept statements without extra clauses so that the
above statments give the proper error message used with engine=myisam:
ERROR 1478 (HY000): Table storage engine 'MyISAM' does not support the

Note that the ENGINE clause was optional before this fix even if this
does not match the current version of the reference manual where it
is marked as required. The manual should therefore be updated marking
the ENGINE clause as optional for all statements listed above.

Parser.test appended with a test of various statements that should
give error 1478 ER_ILLEGAL_HA_CREATE_OPTION, but before gave syntax error.

2771. By Dmitry Lenev <email address hidden> on 2009-05-01

Follow-up for fix for bug "Bug#43138: DROP DATABASE failure
does not clean up message list".

Fixed drop.test failure under non-debug server by moving part
of test dependent on debug-only feature to separate .test file,
which won't be run for non-debug versions of server.

2770. By Magne Mæhre on 2009-04-30

Bug #42461 Plugins: st_mysql_lex_string differs between plugin.h and m_string.h

include/m_string.h and include/mysql/plugin.h had different definition
of the type of the length attribute (size_t vs. unsigned int).

Decided to use size_t as the common type, as this is the type used
in the Single Unix Specification everywhere a string's length is

No specific test case is added, as several existing test cases use
MYSQL_LEX_STRING from plugins (in particular the maria suite).

2769. By Magne Mæhre on 2009-04-30

Added a test to check if the file name length exceeds the OS/platform
maximum file name length.

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