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3536. By <email address hidden> on 2010-12-29

Bug #50914 mysqlbinlog not handling drop of current default database

mysqlbinlog only prints "use $database" statements to its output stream
when the active default database changes between events. This will cause
"No Database Selected" error when dropping and recreating that database.

To fix the problem, we clear print_event_info->db when printing an event
of CREATE/DROP/ALTER database statements, so that the Query_log_event
after such statements will be printed with the use 'db' anyway except
transaction keywords.

3535. By Kent Boortz on 2010-12-28


3534. By Sergey Glukhov on 2010-12-24

Bug#57810 case/when/then : Assertion failed: length || !scale
ASSERT happens due to improper calculation of the max_length
in Item_func_div object, if dividend has max_length == 0 then
Item_func_div::max_length is set to 0 under some circumstances.
The fix:
If decimals == NOT_FIXED_DEC then set
Item_func_div::max_length to max possible
DOUBLE length value.

3533. By Sergey Glukhov on 2010-12-21


3532. By Sergey Glukhov on 2010-12-21

test case fix

3531. By Sergey Glukhov on 2010-12-21

Bug#58030 crash in Item_func_geometry_from_text::val_str
Item_sum_max/Item_sum_min incorrectly set null_value flag and
attempt to get result in parent functions leads to crash.
This happens due to double evaluation of the function argumet.
First evaluation happens in the comparator and second one
happens in Item_cache::cache_value().
The fix is to introduce new Item_cache object which
holds result of the argument and use this cached value
as an argument of the comparator.

3530. By <email address hidden> on 2010-12-21

Bug #56662 Assertion failed: next_insert_id == 0, file .\handler.cc

Normally, auto_increment value is generated for the column by
inserting either NULL or 0 into it. NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO
suppresses this behavior for 0 so that only NULL generates
the auto_increment value. This behavior is also followed by
a slave, specifically by the SQL Thread, when applying events
in the statement format from a master. However, when applying
events in the row format, the flag was ignored thus causing
an assertion failure:
"Assertion failed: next_insert_id == 0, file .\handler.cc"

In fact, we never need to generate a auto_increment value for
the column when applying events in row format on slave. So we
don't allow it to happen by using 'MODE_NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO'.

Refactoring: Get rid of all the sql_mode checks to rows_log_event
when applying it for avoiding problems caused by the inconsistency
of the sql_mode on slave and master as the sql_mode is not set for

3529. By Sven Sandberg <email address hidden> on 2010-12-20

Fixed pb failure.
Problem: Warnings for truncated data were generated on hosts with
long host names because @@hostname was inserted into a CHAR(40) column.
Fix: Change CHAR(40) to TEXT.

3528. By Sven Sandberg <email address hidden> on 2010-12-19

BUG#49978: Replication tests don't clean up replication state at the end
Major replication test framework cleanup. This does the following:
 - Ensure that all tests clean up the replication state when they
   finish, by making check-testcase check the output of SHOW SLAVE STATUS.
   This implies:
    - Slave must not be running after test finished. This is good
      because it removes the risk for sporadic errors in subsequent
      tests when a test forgets to sync correctly.
    - Slave SQL and IO errors must be cleared when test ends. This is
      good because we will notice if a test gets an unexpected error in
      the slave threads near the end.
    - We no longer have to clean up before a test starts.
 - Ensure that all tests that wait for an error in one of the slave
   threads waits for a specific error. It is no longer possible to
   source wait_for_slave_[sql|io]_to_stop.inc when there is an error
   in one of the slave threads. This is good because:
    - If a test expects an error but there is a bug that causes
      another error to happen, or if it stops the slave thread without
      an error, then we will notice.
    - When developing tests, wait_for_*_to_[start|stop].inc will fail
      immediately if there is an error in the relevant slave thread.
      Before this patch, we had to wait for the timeout.
 - Remove duplicated and repeated code for setting up unusual replication
   topologies. Now, there is a single file that is capable of setting
   up arbitrary topologies (include/rpl_init.inc, but
   include/master-slave.inc is still available for the most common
   topology). Tests can now end with include/rpl_end.inc, which will clean
   up correctly no matter what topology is used. The topology can be
   changed with include/rpl_change_topology.inc.
 - Improved debug information when tests fail. This includes:
    - debug info is printed on all servers configured by include/rpl_init.inc
    - User can set $rpl_debug=1, which makes auxiliary replication files
      print relevant debug info.
 - Improved documentation for all auxiliary replication files. Now they
   describe purpose, usage, parameters, and side effects.
 - Many small code cleanups:
    - Made have_innodb.inc output a sensible error message.
    - Moved contents of rpl000017-slave.sh into rpl000017.test
    - Added mysqltest variables that expose the current state of
      disable_warnings/enable_warnings and friends.
    - Too many to list here: see per-file comments for details.

3527. By Georgi Kodinov on 2010-12-17


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