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5de8746... by Steve Beattie

reviewtools/ jammy opens

Signed-off-by: Steve Beattie <email address hidden>

eebc9ae... by Emilia Torino

Update changelog for release

Signed-off-by: Maria Emilia Torino <email address hidden>

78fabb7... by Emilia Torino

Adding black formatting suggestion

Signed-off-by: Maria Emilia Torino <email address hidden>

d6a41b0... by Samuele Pedroni

connection rules support both plug/slot-names on plugs or slots side

587fdcb... by Alex Murray Add edgex-ui to publisher overrides

Published by Canonical EdgeX team

b299fee... by Emilia Torino

update changelog for commit

Signed-off-by: Maria Emilia Torino <email address hidden>

c42ae7c... by Emilia Torino

Properly parsing arch specifier if present in rock dpkg.list. Relates to LP #1930105.

Signed-off-by: Maria Emilia Torino <email address hidden>

Merged branch ~emitorino/review-tools:fix_arch_qualifier_issue_for_rocks_manifest_parsing
e64e7a2... by Alex Murray

snapcraft.yaml: Add python3-ruamel.yaml to build/stage-packages

This is now required for the duplicate YAML key check

f9126ef... by Alex Murray

sr_common / test_sr_common: Fix flake8 / black style issues

bc98e6b... by Alex Murray

Makefile: Add python3-ruamel.yaml as a dependency

This is required for to check for duplicate YAML keys. Also change the
check-deb-deps target to use dpkg -s rather than dpkg -l since a package
can still be in the dpkg cache and hence show up via dpkg -l but dpkg -s
error's out if the package is not actually installed.