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ffce62b... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

releasing package golang-1.16 version 1.16.5-1ubuntu1

78248da... by Michael Hudson-Doyle


d812907... by Michael Hudson-Doyle


2e22b44... by Michael Hudson-Doyle


c8e0b3c... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

    - d/patches/0007-cmd-link-cmd-cgo-support-flto-in-CFLAGS.patch:
      backport another patch from upstream to fix some failures seen with LTO.

3891e0b... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

    - d/patches/0001-cmd-link-check-CGO_CFLAGS-for-non-g-I-O-options-befo.patch:
      disable internal linking when dynamically linking and CGO_CFLAGS
      contains flags that might make host object files that the internal
      linkers ELF reader does not support. This fixes lots of package builds
      when LTO is enabled by default via dpkg-buildflags.

efa5db6... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

adjust gbp.conf.in for ubuntu branch

2645856... by Shengjing Zhu

Update changelog for 1.16.5-1 release

6e7dd64... by Shengjing Zhu

Update upstream source from tag 'upstream/1.16.5'

Update to upstream version '1.16.5'
with Debian dir 33d4cb34ca73c71f822dbe3bb5b61f1379be13ad

0fc1d63... by Shengjing Zhu

New upstream version 1.16.5