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Kiwinote (kiwinote) wrote :

Just a few quick comments based purely on ui testing rather than the code:
- in the list views 0$ apps don't have an install button (free apps have install and for purchase apps have buy) *

clicking on install for a 0$ app:
- displays a spinner view with 'connecting to payment service' (this scares people - 'i thought it was free') *
- then requires an sso login ('bit odd, but ok')
- then another spinner comes up with 'payment authorised' ('wait, why did it charge me') *
- then an auth dialog pops up with the text 'to install purchased software, authenticate'
- the text in the status bar is 'installing purchase'
- the progress pane says 'installing purchase'
- another auth dialog 'to install or remove software'

clicking on reinstall previous purchases we see:
- appname (already purchased) (shouldn't appear at all as it isn't a purchase)
- clicking on it gives a status bar 'purchased on 2012-04-12'

I think what it comes down to is that until the majority of the points above are fixed (or at a realistic minimum the ones marked *), in my opinion 'buying' something for 0$ is a lot less confusing and scary than being confronted with 'connecting to payment service' and 'payment authorised' messages.

I do of course agree that we do want to have free/install instead of 0$/buy, it just seems that the behaviour in this branch is more confusing/scary than the current situation?

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