Code review comment for lp:~mvo/snappy/snappy-review-tools-reenable

Leo Arias (elopio) wrote :

We have an integration test that builds a snap:
The build is done in the snappy machine, and it is not expecting the warning we get when click-review is not installed. So, the test needs to be updated to match a more relaxed rexexp. And we need a new card to test more builds including the review, but that should probably wait until comfy is properly defined.

START: /tmp/snappy-tests-job/24707/src/ buildSuite.TestBuildBasicSnapOnSnappy
START: <autogenerated>:7: buildSuite.SetUpTest
****** Running buildSuite.TestBuildBasicSnapOnSnappy

snappy build _integration-tests/data/snaps/basic
Warning: could not review package (click-review not available)
Generated 'basic_1.0_all.snap' snap
/tmp/snappy-tests-job/24707/src/ /tmp/snappy-tests-job/24707/src/ no such file or directory
... obtained string = "" +
... "Warning: could not review package (click-review not available)\n" +
... "Generated 'basic_1.0_all.snap' snap\n"
... expected string = "Generated 'basic_1.0_all.snap' snap\n"

review: Needs Fixing

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