Last commit made on 2021-03-07
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0338e6c... by "Paweł T. Jochym" <email address hidden> on 2021-03-07

Switch to static_cast

5907fcf... by "Paweł T. Jochym" <email address hidden> on 2021-03-07

URGENT: Fix Alt < 0 wraparound in tracking (Dangerous!)

a64ffb2... by Ken Self on 2021-03-06

indi-asi-power: Fix debian changelog formatting (#346)

748b067... by Ken Self on 2021-03-06

indi-asi-power v0.9 Correcty initialize device type to None (#345)

083ac5f... by Jasem Mutlaq on 2021-03-06

Remove nexstar evo driver to obsolete since AUX should suffice now

704789f... by Jasem Mutlaq on 2021-03-05

Add systemd install path and postinst script

87bb96c... by nrackwit <email address hidden> on 2021-03-04

Indi qhy streaming work (#341)

Co-authored-by: moonboot <email address hidden>

ec44510... by Ken Self on 2021-03-04

indi-asi-power v0.8 (#343)

4d4b6f4... by Jim <email address hidden> on 2021-03-02

spec-update: create a simple script to update indi-3rdparty versions … (#340)

6777152... by Ken Self on 2021-03-01

Fix indi-asi-power package build and minor enhancement (#337)