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3a778dc... by Jasem Mutlaq

Increase test timeout

1c8e607... by Hy Murveit <email address hidden>

Adjust dbus interfaces and paths to allow test_ekos_scheduler_ops tests to...

Adjust dbus interfaces and paths to allow test_ekos_scheduler_ops tests to succeed when Ekos is running.

Made a new dbus, called org.kde.mockkstars with base path /MockKStars
This prevents dbus collisions that would occur when a standard Ekos dbus connection is running on the same computer--e.g. an instance of Ekos is running and at the same time the test_ekos_scheduler_ops test tries to run.


**Before merging in this new code**

- End all running KStars/Ekos jobs on your computer.
- Then run test_ekos_scheduler_ops. The test should pass.
- Now start KStars, Start Ekos, connect to Indi.
- Then run test_ekos_scheduler_ops again. The test should fail.

**After merging in this new code**
- Same as above, except the test_ekos_scheduler_ops test should pass on the last line.

0515257... by Hy Murveit <email address hidden>

Min #detections to initialize SEP MultiStar

Adds a parameter to SEP MultiStar guiding.
If N stars aren't detected, then SEP MultiStar can't initialize.
This will hopefully allow it to fail more easily in cloudy situations.
The parameter, though, defaults to 1, which means there is no change in performance.
I'd recommend folks try 3 or so, which will enable this "easier fail" behavior.

6a5a963... by Hy Murveit <email address hidden>

add missing signal to analyze for focus restarts

When focus restarted, it wasn't emitting the autofocusAborted signal.

0f2a4c9... by Jasem Mutlaq

Fix wrong arg

55b4628... by Toni Schriber <email address hidden>

Standardized dialog for guider 'Control Parameters' &'Other Settings'

This is a small addendum to d224c34f913f978fc9b7bbc619772b376998cfae

d4400a0... by l10n daemon script <email address hidden>

SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always resolve ours

In case of conflict in i18n, keep the version of the branch "ours"
To resolve a particular conflict, "git checkout --ours path/to/file.desktop"

35236a5... by Jasem Mutlaq

Check if regionItem is null

b311446... by Jasem Mutlaq

Fix issue in treating calibration frames since we used to only check a single channel whereas we were supposed to check all three

8808d33... by Jasem Mutlaq

Add else for multiple channels