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0569b14... by Mustafa Kemal Gilor

updated changelog

63e3800... by Mustafa Kemal Gilor

* d/p/lp1978079-efi-pstore-not-cleared-on-boot.patch: pstore: Run after
  modules are loaded. Thanks to Alexander Graf <email address hidden>.
  (LP: #1978079)

d98926d... by Lukas Märdian

Update changelog with version 249.11-0ubuntu3.3

740bd5d... by Lukas Märdian

Update changelog

cf823bf... by Nick Rosbrook

d/t/boot-and-services: Ignore failed snap mount units in test_no_failed

(LP: #1967576)

eccfd52... by Lukas Märdian

Run tests-in-lxd autopkgtest via LXD snap, deb is no more (LP: #1976607)

c3f5aff... by Lukas Märdian

Build with and suggest fido2 and tpm libraries (LP: #1969375)

These are used via dlopen only if available by some tools like
systemd-cryptsetup, systemd-cryptenroll and systemd-repart,
with graceful fallbacks if they are not found.
Build-depend on them so that the features get compiled in
(apart from stage1 builds), and add appropriate Suggests.

Backport of:

1a1a48c... by Dan Streetman

update changelog

9b9a0f7... by Dan Streetman

network: do not enable IPv4 ACD for IPv4 link-local address if ACD is disabled explicitly

LP: #1964494

ed06a11... by Lukas Märdian

Update changelog with version 249.11-0ubuntu3.1