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Alberts Muktupāvels (muktupavels) wrote :

> Unity not compiling against this compiz?
> ppa/+build/16364462/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-disco-amd64.unity_7.5.0+19.04.20190
> 103-0ubuntu1+201902071650~ubuntu19.04.1_BUILDING.txt.gz

There was few problems and this change depends on changes in compiz.

> Also nux requires a fix first against gcc > 8.1
> (

This seems to be unrelated, that can be fixed and uploaded separately, no?

> And it's better if we open a bug for this.

Why? This was Trevinho reply when I asked about moving files:
"it's mostly an historic reason, since unity was depending on compiz-gnome, but yes... All should have been moved to unity side since long time"

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