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12cbf9c... by Carlo Wood on 2011-01-22

Allow horizontally-maximised windows to be shaken loose between xineramas. Closes #356715.

aebcd47... by Matej Urbančič on 2011-01-21

Updated Slovenian translation

9d31d20... by Kjartan Maraas on 2011-01-20

Updated Norwegian bokmål translation

95d0e39... by Yaron on 2011-01-20

Updated Hebrew translation.

367fab9... by 趙惟倫 on 2011-01-20

Updated Traditional Chinese translation(Hong Kong and Taiwan)

c339bd4... by Christian Kirbach on 2011-01-20

[l10n] Updated German translation

d1515f6... by Daniel Mustieles on 2011-01-19

Updated Spanish translation

6f18b7a... by Jorge González on 2011-01-19

Updated Spanish translation

0b5a50c... by Christian Hammond on 2011-01-19

Honour _NET_RESTACK_WINDOW and sibling-relative stacking

A test case for this patch is available at

ef0a601... by Fran Diéguez on 2011-01-19

Updated Galician translations