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59b71d5... by Sebastian Geiger on 2015-06-10

free-the-fish.c: Avoid drawing with cairo if the fish has no window

This prevents a segfault if cr is null.

e9c9b24... by Sebastian Geiger on 2015-06-10

free-the-fish.c: Add a gdbus connection and listen to changes of the lockscreen

We draw the fish with cairo directly on the screen. When the lock screen
is activated by the screensaver while the fish is active they end up
drawing over each other. The result is that we see a flickering fish
in the area where the fish is drawing over the lock screen.

This patch adds a dbus connection using the GDBus skeletton generated
from the org.gnome.ScreenSaver dbus interface and connects to the 'active-changed'
signal of the screensaver. When the screen saver is activated the fish
hides itself such that it does not draw over the lock screen.

baa9d85... by Anders Jonsson on 2015-06-07

Fix typo in gschema

f3dc227... by Anders Jonsson on 2015-06-07

Updated swedish translation for fish help files

63cdcf5... by Anders Jonsson on 2015-06-07

Updated swedish translation for clock help files

096e9a8... by Alberts Muktupāvels on 2015-06-05

bump version to 3.17.2, update NEWS

aaebf57... by Alberts Muktupāvels on 2015-06-03

free-the-fish.c: add wand_no_sea.png and use it

Add wanda_no_sea.png that is same wanda.png only without
sea/background and use it for animation.

Remove now useless/unneeded function that was used to remove
sea/background from original wanda.png image.

d745f79... by Sebastian Geiger on 2015-06-04

panel-run-dialog.c: Avoid a critical message for programs without an icon.

If a program has no icon then we tried to unref a null pointer. We avoid this
by using g_object_clear instead.

e62572d... by Sebastian Geiger on 2015-06-03

free-the-fish.c: Fix code formatting

1c894c5... by Sebastian Geiger on 2015-06-02

Automake: Fix VPATH builds