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022c01f... by Cédric VALMARY (Tot en òc) on 2016-03-21

Updated Occitan translation

1bdfe62... by Paula <email address hidden> on 2012-04-11

[l10n] Added Indonesian translation of clock applet manual

7196d98... by Og Maciel on 2012-03-29

Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation. Fixes BZ 672997.

b76a188... by Xandru on 2011-12-18

Updated asturian translation

4fa1832... by Thura on 2011-11-14

[l10n]Added Burmese translation

e95ae58... by Vincent Untz on 2011-10-16

release: post-release bump to 3.2.2

609e0e5... by Vincent Untz on 2011-10-16

release: 3.2.1

b108912... by Vincent Untz on 2011-10-11

panel: Fix loading launchers defined with relative paths

40da4f7... by Vincent Untz on 2011-10-11

panel: Do not assert on error when using default layout

Asserting is wrong: the default layout could be badly formatted, and in
that case we should not abort but fail with a nice error. It turns out
we already had the code for that, except that we never reached it since
we asserted before :-)

4238b77... by Rūdolfs Mazurs on 2011-10-08

Updated Latvian translation.