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228. By Michael Terry on 2015-06-24

add dumb printf

227. By Colin Watson on 2015-06-18

Various autotools upgrades

* aclocal.m4: Upgrade to Gettext 0.19.4.
* build-aux/ltmain.sh: Upgrade to Libtool 2.4.2-1.11 (from Debian).

226. By Colin Watson on 2014-10-26

Version: 1.4.0.

* lib/Makefile.am (libpipeline_la_LDFLAGS): Bump -version-info to

225. By Colin Watson on 2014-10-26

Remove generated gnulib/lib/fcntl.h, added by accident

* gnulib/lib/fcntl.h: Remove.
* .gitignore: Add gnulib/lib/fcntl.h.

224. By Colin Watson on 2014-10-24

Add pipecmd_fchdir function

* lib/pipeline-private.h (struct pipecmd): Add cwd_fd.
* lib/pipeline.c (pipecmd_new, pipecmd_new_function,
pipecmd_new_sequencev): Initialise cmd->cwd_fd.
(pipecmd_dup): Copy cmd->cwd_fd if necessary.
(pipecmd_fchdir): New function.
(pipecmd_dump, pipecmd_tostring): Serialise cmd->cwd_fd as "(cd <fd
%d> && ...)" if necessary.
(pipecmd_exec): If cmd->cwd_fd is set, fchdir to it.
* lib/pipeline.h (pipecmd_fchdir): Add prototype.
* man/Makefile.am (FUNCTIONS): Add pipecmd_fchdir.
* man/libpipeline.3 (Functions to build individual commands):
Document pipecmd_fchdir.
* tests/basic.c (test_basic_fchdir): Test pipecmd_fchdir.
* NEWS: Document this.

223. By Colin Watson on 2014-10-22

NEWS: Document recent Solaris portability changes

222. By Colin Watson on 2014-10-22

Add a cleaner way to suppress "Terminated" errors in tests

* lib/pipeline.c (pipecmd_exec, pipeline_wait_all): If
PIPELINE_QUIET is set, don't emit an error message when a subprocess
is terminated by a signal.
* man/libpipeline.3 (ENVIRONMENT): Document this.
* tests/inspect.c (test_inspect_pid): Use this rather than assigning
to stderr, which is not portable to Solaris. Reported by Peter

221. By Colin Watson on 2014-10-22

autogen.sh: Avoid "export VARIABLE=value" syntax

Older Solaris shells do not support this. Patch by Peter Bray.

220. By Colin Watson on 2014-10-22

gnulib: Import mkdtemp module.

Suggested by Peter Bray.

219. By Colin Watson on 2014-09-22

Version: 1.3.1.

* lib/Makefile.am (libpipeline_la_LDFLAGS): Bump -version-info to

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