Code review comment for lp:~mterry/deja-dup/no-python2

Didier Roche (didrocks) wrote :

I did another run on xenial or wily sbuild and still got one error that I can reproduce reliably:
      Start 66: read-error.test
66/93 Test #66: read-error.test ..........................***Exception: Other 6.90 sec
/scripts/read-error: DUPLICITY: WARNING 10 '/blarg'

DUPLICITY: WARNING 10 '/sbuild-nonexistent/1'

DUPLICITY: WARNING 10 '/sbuild-nonexistent/2'

** (./test-runner:29958): WARNING **: runner.vala:287: Detail didn't match; expected Could not back up the following files. Please make sure you are able to open them.

/sbuild-nonexistent/2, got (null)

      Start 67: disk-full.test

All the other tests are fixed, nice work! Do not hesitate to ask if you want more debug info if you can't reproduce this one.

"Reluctant" is the word ;) for the reasons we discussed on IRC (shifting the focus, claiming that we removed python3 from the CD which isn't really the truth if you want to use all features that we ship by default), but I understand the constraints and anyway, from a pure upstream perspective, the change is fine.

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