Code review comment for lp:~mterry/deja-dup/no-python2

Didier Roche (didrocks) wrote :

I'm happy with your answers, even if I still think that brings to "we ditched python2 from the default installed, woooww" at the price of lost functionality that will never be properly fixed. This as well shift the focus on fixing the real issue bringing less pressure to it (and so, will probably never be done) but as you told, it's more a personal opinion than something on this MP itself which is more for upstream déjà-dup.

On the tests, using default sbuild, it shouldn't have any timezone/locale specific issue. I'm building on amd64. Can you reproduce the issue this way?
$ bzr bd -S; cd ..
$ sudo sbuild-launchpad-chroot create -n xenial -s xenial -a amd64
$ sbuild --dist=xenial --arch=amd64 -c xenial deja-dup_0.dsc

(I'm building without -proposed, I can try with it if that's the issue? Note that I tried as well with a wily chroot)

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