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Here's a version of `` that I think we both agree on. My other MP still stands and has been rebased to build on top of this.

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7+Quick Start
10+To get started, first install the dependencies, such as:
12+ sudo apt-get install -uy libvirt-bin python-libvirt python-simplestreams \
13+ python-lxml python-pyinotify python-yaml distro-info \
14+ cloud-image-utils qemu-utils ubuntu-cloudimage-keyring socat python \
15+ qemu-kvm cpu-checker
17+After installing the dependencies, the only requirement for working on
18+`uvtool` is that the `PYTHONPATH` includes its source. Minimally, you can
19+test `uvtool` by doing something like this from the sandbox root:
21+ PYTHONPATH=. bin/...
24+Development Platform and Dependencies
27+While `uvtool` is indended to be a pure Python project, it is still tightly
28+coupled to Ubuntu. (Patches will be accepted to make it more "Pythonic".)
30+That said, the current primary development platform for `uvtool` is the latest
31+LTS release of Ubuntu. Secondarily, it may be tested on the latest
32+development release.


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