Code review comment for lp:~mpontillo/maas/migrate-dns-settings-trunk

Mike Pontillo (mpontillo) wrote :

kiko, see the prerequisite branch for the parser test code:

In this MP, I'm specifically testing using the named.options.conf in the bug, among other things.

HOWEVER, as you imply, that doesn't necessarily cover negative test cases, such as if the user has invalid forwarders in their configuration. (which this code will happily migrate)

I am *a little* concerned about adding invalid forwarders, except for the fact that this could only happen if the user tries to migrate an already-broken config. For example, if I have:

forwarders {

In that case, we'll happily migrate the "something that isn't an IP address" to the MAAS configuration.

But again, in this case, the users' DNS config would have already been broken anyway. GIGO.

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