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736c873... by Mike Pontillo on 2018-08-22

LP: #1788430 - Fix skip_networking calculation.

bb3363f... by Anthony Dillon on 2018-08-22

Align the checkboxes with the label with editing package repositories

994e63a... by Mike Pontillo on 2018-08-22

Allow IP addresses to be allocated when a machine is composed from a pod.

c0ec536... by Newell Jensen on 2018-08-22

Remove a Pod's host within the BMC model, forms, and API.

e031bad... by Andres Rodriguez on 2018-08-21

debian/*: Improve packaging towards being lintian clean.

There are various packaging errors. This branch improves it so there are significantly less, but it doesn't make it fully lintian clean.

a2d5bda... by Blake Rouse on 2018-08-21

Add debug flag to maas-rack config.

Adds the ability to enable and disable debug mode in rackd.conf.

c29d854... by Lee Trager on 2018-08-21

Use GRUB to determine what the local boot loader is.

Instead of using a template based on the osystem to generate the GRUB
configuration use GRUB to locate the local bootloader. This ensures no
matter what a custom image is named it will still boot under UEFI. If
no boot loader is found GRUB will now exit allowing the next device
configured to boot.

d74a858... by Blake Rouse on 2018-08-21

Add a lot of debug messages around DHCP both on the region and rack side. Fix issue where a failure on DHCP configure will not retry. Separate the concurrency lock of DHCP into DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 (because they are two different processes).

3404794... by Andres Rodriguez on 2018-08-20

debian/maas-rack-controller.postinst,rules: Enable/start maas-rackd on package postinst; disable autostart.

Improvement to prevent the daemon from starting before a config file is present on the disk (as it is autogenerated on postinst). This suppress tracebacks that alarm users.

72a7e28... by Kit Randel on 2018-08-20

LP: #1787628 - Downgrade angular-vs-repeat to v1.1.11.