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d12f855... by Mike Pontillo on 2017-07-19

Fix incorrect assumptions.

911c847... by Mike Pontillo on 2017-07-19

Prevent RegionService from using empty lists.

LP: #1705254

2365edd... by Mike Pontillo on 2017-07-19

Ensure that disabled interfaces do not create new fabrics.

816571a... by Mike Pontillo on 2017-07-19

Enhancements to package build scripts

 * Allow seleciton of distribution when running release-package script.
 * Use BASH_SOURCE to determine the runtime directory.
 * Update maintiner e-mail address before signing.
 * Update .gitignore for debian/ tree integration.
 * Drive-by fix to use proper argument to select commit.
 * Use exit trap to clean up changelog.
 * Add a script to set up pbuilder-dist for each supported distribution.
 * Add a script to create .debs for each platform, and a Debian repository
   in a format that can be served via HTTP.

f0fa353... by Blake Rouse on 2017-07-18

Return only one connection per rack controller from getAllClients. Fixes lp: #1704489.

d81fd47... by Newell Jensen on 2017-07-14

LP: #1700802 -- Add missing networking constraint names.

4c0cf27... by Newell Jensen on 2017-07-14

Set the machine's min_hwe_kernel to the setting's default_min_hwe_kernel when commissioning.

a662317... by Andres Rodriguez on 2017-07-14

LP: #1664822 - Ensure failure to set Lan_Channel doesn't cause complete script failure

b2acbe0... by Andres Rodriguez on 2017-07-13

LP: #1609496 - Increase & add 'wait_time' for IPMI to allow it working for older & broken BMC's

48efa80... by Mike Pontillo on 2017-07-12

Refactor rack registration to allow deferred fabric creation.

This allows update_interfaces() to be called in two modes: one which
creates all fabrics immediately (the current behavior), and the other
which only creates 'disconnected' physical interfaces and skips child
interface creation and deletion.

This work is necessary so that in the future, a rack can register,
perform beaconing, and update its interfaces with any additional
topology data the beacons can provide.

Also updates all test scenarios for update_interfaces() to make sure
they work with the old 'one phase' approach and the new 'two phase'
approach. (That is, the interfaces are created in exactly the same
way even if fabric creation is deferred.)