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52e64da... by Mike Pontillo on 2018-04-23

LP: #1727392 - Make domain details page header consistent.

aa88972... by Lee Trager on 2018-04-20

LP: #1754334 - Fix Javascript error when loading interfaces tab.

Before new interfaces have been added they are set to {}. On page load all
interfaces are validated including new interfaces. Ignore validation on new
interfaces as the object must be fully defined.

d6fef78... by Blake Rouse on 2018-04-20

LP: #1761530 - Rollback the view transaction when a 500 error occurs.

Always use log stacktrace on 500 error even in middleware, by propogating exceptions up the middleware stack.

f286d29... by Mike Pontillo on 2018-04-20

Remove dead code in server_address.py.

265a6c3... by Alberto Donato on 2018-04-20

update pool users/groups association from the form

298cefb... by Anthony Dillon on 2018-04-20

LP: #1760860 - Made all contents ellipse instead of wrap

f7a24be... by Newell Jensen on 2018-04-20

Fix random failing test due to random range being outside of bounds needed.

45ea269... by Anthony Dillon on 2018-04-20

LP: #1761189 - Link the machine power status and check now buttons

2e3f152... by Lee Trager on 2018-04-19

LP: #1759525 - Only load the Zones, Domains, and Subnets manager when needed.

Adding a machine, chassis, or device is done with the AddHardwareController or AddDeviceController. AddHardwareController is loaded on the nodes-listing
page while AddDeviceController is loaded on the network discovery page. They
each need Zones/Subnets and Domains manager loaded for user selection. These
managers are not needed on their parent page so delay loading them until the
form is shown.

Quick drive-by, only load items specified regardless if others are specified.
This ensures only fields needing to be reloaded in the child scope are loaded.

174045d... by Alberto Donato on 2018-04-19

allow selecting browsers to run js tests on from commandline