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518. By Chris Coulson

releasing version 20.0~b1+build2-0ubuntu0.11.10.1~mtn1

517. By Chris Coulson

Fix a space versus tab issue in debian/build/mozbuild.mk

516. By Chris Coulson

* New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_20_0b1_BUILD1)
* Drop patches fixed upstream
  - remove debian/patches/ionmonkey-hardfp-support.patch
  - update debian/patches/series.in
* thunderbird-gnome-support needs explicit dependency on libnotify
  - update debian/control{,.in}
* Add support for autopkgtest, and package the xpcshell and mozmill
  testsuites. Note that tests that can't be ran as an autopkgtest (eg, if
  they require write permissions to the application directory) will still
  be ran at build time
  - add thunderbird-testsuite package in debian/control.in
  - update debian/control
  - add debian/thunderbird-testsuite.install.in
  - add debian/thunderbird-testsuite.links.in
  - update debian/build/mozbuild.mk
  - update debian/rules
  - add debian/tests/control
  - add debian/tests/mozmill
  - add debian/tests/xpcshell-tests
  - add debian/testing/run_mozmill.in
  - add debian/testing/run_xpcshell_tests.in
  - add debian/testing/testrunhelper.py
  - update debian/config/mozconfig.in to always build with --enable-tests
  - update debian/build/testsuite.mk to add the ability to run xpcshell-tests
    with our own reduced manifest
  - add debian/testing/xpcshell-build.ini
* Fix various tests that assume that either the application directory or
  test directory can be written to
  - add d/p/test-fixes/xpcshell-docshell-no-writes-to-appdir.patch
  - add d/p/test-fixes/xpcshell-contentprefs-no-writes-to-appdir.patch
  - add d/p/test-fixes/xpcshell-exthandler-no-writes-to-appdir.patch
  - add d/p/test-fixes/xpcshell-ctypes-no-writes-to-appdir.patch
  - add d/p/test-fixes/xpcshell-xpcom-no-writes-to-testdir-or-appdir.patch
  - add d/p/test-fixes/xpcshell-libpref-no-writes-to-testdir.patch
  - add d/p/test-fixes/xpcshell-mailnews-local-no-writes-to-testdir.patch
  - update debian/patches/series.in
* Export NO_PNG_PKG_MANGLE as optipng breaks tests that are dependent
  on image format / size
  - update debian/build/mozbuild.mk
* Add support for skipping xpcshell tests that require write access to the
  application directory, when running the tests on a real install (but
  allow them to run if running tests from the build tree)
  - add debian/patches/xpcshell-allow-omit-tests-on-real-install.patch
  - update debian/patches/series.in
* Don't test that the addon selection dialog appears in test_bug596343.js,
  as we disable this
  - add d/p/test-overrides/xpcshell-disable-addon-select-dialog-test.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* Fix a failure in test_nodb_pluschanges.js due to const redeclaration
  - add d/p/test-fixes/xpcshell-search-fix-const-redeclaration.patch
  - update debian/patches/series.in
* Disable failing test_geolocation_provider.js xpcshell test
  - add d/p/test-overrides/xpcshell-disable-geolocation-provider-test.patch
  - update debian/patches/series.in
* Disable test_upgrade.js and test_upgrade_strictcompat.js xpcshell tests
  for now as they require write access to the application directory
  - add d/p/test-overrides/xpcshell-disable-extension-upgrade-test.patch
  - update debian/patches/series.in
* Update python-virtualenv to 1.8.2
  - add debian/patches/update-python-virtualenv.patch
  - update debian/patches/series.in
* Workaround the bash shebang 80 character limit when executing scripts in
  a virtualenv, by invoking the interpreter directly
  - add debian/patches/workaround-shebang-char-limit.patch
  - update debian/patches/series.in
* Disable test_autoconfigFetchDisk.js xpcshell test, as it requires write
  access to the application directory
  - add d/p/test-overrides/xpcshell-disable-isp-autoconfig-test.patch
  - update debian/patches/series.in
* Disable test_mailGlue_distribution.js xpcshell test, as it requires write
  access to the application directory
  - add d/p/test-overrides/xpcshell-disable-mailglue-distribution-test.patch
  - update debian/patches/series.in
* Disable autopkgtest for Thunderbird for now
  - update debian/control.in

515. By Chris Coulson

releasing version 19.0~b1+build1-0ubuntu0.11.10.1~mtn1

514. By Chris Coulson

Drop revert-restartless-language-packs.patch, as it's fixed upstream now

513. By Chris Coulson

* New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_19_0b1_BUILD1)
* Update globalmenu-extension to r3.7
  - Update for imagelib changes in Thunderbird 19 and 20
  - Update for nsCAutoString removal in Thunderbird 19
  - Don't #include mozilla/dom/Element.h anywhere, as that now pulls
    in a lot of internal headers since Thunderbird 19
  - implement the mutation observer in JS, as it's no longer possible
    to do it all in native code
* Update eds extension to 0.6 prerelease r145
* Fix LP: #1064423 - "Submitting your report..." shows missing-icon icon.
  Install the throbber icon in the package
  - update debian/firefox.install.in
* Build Lightning packages from Thunderbird uploads
  - update debian/config/mozconfig.in
  - update debian/control.in
  - refresh debian/control
  - update debian/rules
* Fix LP: #1094376 - Language pack isn't used. Revert bmo: #677092 (make
  language packs restartless) for now, as system-wide bootstrapped addons
  with chrome are pretty broken
  - add debian/patches/revert-restartless-language-packs.patch
  - update debian/patches/series.in

512. By Chris Coulson

releasing version 18.0~b1+build1-0ubuntu0.11.10.1~mtn1

511. By Chris Coulson

* New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_18_0b1_BUILD1)
* Refresh patches
  - update debian/patches/theme-refresh-compose-toolbar-icons.patch
* Drop patches fixed upstream
  - remove debian/patches/fix-for-bmo795395.patch
  - update debian/patches/series.in
* Turn on Network Manager integration
  - update debian/config/vendor.js

510. By Chris Coulson

releasing version 17.0~b3+build1-0ubuntu0.11.10.1~mtn2

509. By Chris Coulson

* Update globalmenu-extension to 3.6.4
  - Fix a build ordering issue causing the install.rdf to be missed
    from the addon xpi

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