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126. By Alexander Sack

RELEASE 0.9+nobinonly-0ubuntu3 to ubuntu/karmic

125. By Alexander Sack

(merge lp:~gnomefreak/sunbird/ubuntu-0.x.9.10)
* Fixes (LP: #178785)
  - debian/rules: Added build option --enable-official-branding to build with official branding
  - debian/patches: Removed deb299697-lp42559-use-FC_ANY_METRICS.patch to fix build errors
  - debian/patches: Updated series
* Fixes (LP: #399400)
  - debian/rules: Removed the convert icon section
  - debian/sunbird.links: Adjusted link to use the 128 icon
* Fixes (LP: #401165)
  - debian/control: Removed GCC and GCC++ from build-deps
  - debian/rules: Commented out GCC and GCC++ lines to build using default
  - debian/patches: Added ftbfs_gcc44_elif.patch to fix FTBFS
  - debian/patches/series: Updated
* Fixes (LP: #385325) crash in JS due to usage of wrong floating point number$
  - debian/patches: Added bz322806_arm-vfp-2538:3f78d5e894bc
  - debian/patches/series: Updated
* Fixes (LP: #378754)
  - debian/control: Fixed typo in calendar-google-provider description.
* Fixes (LP: #358084): add arm(el) xpcom patches from thunderbird package
  - add debian/patches/18_arm_xpcom_unused_attribute.dpatch
  - add debian/patches/38_arm_xpcom_optim.dpatch
  - add debian/patches/bz339782_cvs_xptcinvoke_arm_backport_1.13.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* debian/patches:
  - Add debian/patches/412610_attachment_309958.patch: to prevent crash on MAX_PATH
  - update debian/patches/series

124. By Alexander Sack

(merge) RELEASE 0.9+nobinonly-0ubuntu2 to ubuntu/jaunty (by gnomefreak)
* Fixes (LP: #178785)
* debian/rules: Added build option --enable-official-branding to build with official branding
* debian/patches: Removed deb299697-lp42559-use-FC_ANY_METRICS.patch to fix build errors

123. By Alexander Sack

* fix LP: #210534 - bad swedish translation in sunbird.desktop; we
  apply improved translation by Daniel Nylander
  - update debian/sunbird.desktop

122. By Alexander Sack

* RELEASE 0.9+nobinonly-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/jaunty

121. By Alexander Sack

* fix debian/changelog typo

120. By Alexander Sack

* google calendar support; we introduce a recommended extension package
  callend google-calendar-provider, which provides read/write capability
  for google calendars in sunbird/iceowl and lightning-extension
  - update debian/control
  - update debian/rules
  - add debian/calendar-google-provider.links

119. By Alexander Sack

* fix install locations for calendar-timezones extension; we
  link it to thunderbird, icedove, sunbird and iceowl extensions dir
  - update debian/calendar-timezones.links

118. By Alexander Sack

* package calendar-timezones extension
  - update debian/rules
  - update debian/control
  - add debian/calendar-timezones.links

117. By Alexander Sack

(merge gnomefreaks 0.9 branch - lp:~gnomefreak/sunbird/ubuntu-0.x)
* New upstream release version 0.9
* debian/patches: Removed bzXXX_calendar_missing_EXTRA_SCRIPTS_install.patch
  - It was applied upstream
* debian/patches: Added bzXXX_ftbfs_fontconfig.patch to fix FTBFS
* debian/patches/series: Removed bzXXX_calendar_missing_EXTRA_SCRIPTS_install.patch
* debian/patches/series: Updated to add bzXXX_ftbfs_fontconfig.patch

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