Last commit made on 2021-09-17
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0b331b9... by Olivier Tilloy

Add a reference to https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/1730530.

fc45df7... by Olivier Tilloy

Enclose sed script in double quotes for it to actually work.

addda52... by Olivier Tilloy

Fix python flake8 warnings.

495db8a... by Olivier Tilloy

Iterate over a list of well-known install locations for various distributions.

7a262c4... by Olivier Tilloy

Merge branch 'stable' into profile-import

0e9f9dd... by Olivier Tilloy

Do not prime libs that are already in the platform snap.

3560d5d... by Olivier Tilloy

Per Mozilla review comment, delete the Install section

as it is meaningless (and unused) in legacy mode.

5fcce85... by Olivier Tilloy

Bump version to the latest release candidate (92.0-3).

a697214... by Olivier Tilloy

Add a part for yq, because the yq snap is strictly confined and cannot read build files where Launchpad places them.

d1c5054... by Olivier Tilloy

Install clang to the stage area in the build phase, so that the wasi-sdk part's override-build scriptlet finds it.