Last commit made on 2021-09-06
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f0e488a... by Olivier Tilloy

Re-arrange parts to work around Launchpad's internet proxy access limitation.

ebf0477... by Olivier Tilloy

Merge the clang and llvm-gold parts.

170d46d... by Olivier Tilloy

Add a part for yq, because the yq snap is strictly confined and cannot read build files where Launchpad places them.

45c2255... by Olivier Tilloy

Install clang to the stage area in the build phase, so that the wasi-sdk part's override-build scriptlet finds it.

95a4c75... by Olivier Tilloy

Do not prime libs that are already in the platform snap.

5bff47b... by Olivier Tilloy

Checkout and build lucetc as part of firefox,

to ensure we get the exact version used by upstream builds.

b3296c2... by Olivier Tilloy

Tentatively enable Profile Guided Optimization.

9ba612d... by Olivier Tilloy

Do not enable LTO on armhf, where gold fails to link libxul.so

with "error: undefined reference to '__aeabi_uldivmod'".

a2d0bb6... by Olivier Tilloy

Tentatively re-enable LTO (this requires building the LLVM gold plugin).

bec58f7... by Olivier Tilloy

Build sandboxed WASM libs only on amd64, to match upstream build configs.