Merge ~morphis/snappy-hwe-snaps/+git/network-manager:bug/enable-proposed into ~snappy-hwe-team/snappy-hwe-snaps/+git/network-manager:master

Proposed by Simon Fels
Status: Merged
Approved by: Alfonso Sanchez-Beato
Approved revision: 79ec826d6aa4f1eebdc2d214f77d34b988ab0e6d
Merged at revision: 82e82c3c32e77f788e250f22773403cf053d5697
Proposed branch: ~morphis/snappy-hwe-snaps/+git/network-manager:bug/enable-proposed
Merge into: ~snappy-hwe-team/snappy-hwe-snaps/+git/network-manager:master
Diff against target: 21 lines (+9/-0)
1 file modified
tests/lib/ (+9/-0)
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Alfonso Sanchez-Beato Approve
System Enablement Bot continuous-integration Needs Fixing
Tony Espy Pending
Review via email:

Description of the change

Enable Ubuntu proposed archive within the classic snap for builds

As the current core snap is based on a systemd deb package from the Ubuntu Core image ppa we run into some conflicts with a newer one from the archive. To fix this issue we need to force upgrade to a newer systemd package from xenial proposed.

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review: Approve (continuous-integration)
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Alfonso Sanchez-Beato (alfonsosanchezbeato) wrote :


review: Approve

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1diff --git a/tests/lib/ b/tests/lib/
2index f8b2eb2..0f13fc4 100644
3--- a/tests/lib/
4+++ b/tests/lib/
5@@ -17,7 +17,16 @@ snap install --devmode --beta classic
6 cat <<-EOF > /home/test/
7 #!/bin/sh
8 set -ex
10+# FIXME: Enable propose for now until problems with conflicting systemd
11+# packages between the Ubuntu Core image ppa and the archive are fixed.
12+echo "deb xenial-proposed restricted main universe" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ubuntu-proposed.list
14+# Ensure we have the latest updates installed as the core snap
15+# may be a bit out of date.
16 apt update
17+apt full-upgrade -y --force-yes
19 apt install -y --force-yes snapcraft
20 cd /home/network-manager
21 snapcraft clean


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