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182. By Monty Taylor on 2010-07-28

* First OpenStack release.
* Relax the Twisted dependency to python-twisted-core (rather than the
  full stack).
* Move nova related configuration files into /etc/nova/.
* Add a dependency on nginx from nova-objectsstore and install a
  suitable configuration file.
* Ship the CA directory in nova-common.
* Add a default flag file for nova-manage to help it find the CA.
* If set, pass KernelId and RamdiskId from RunInstances call to the
  target compute node.
* Added --network_path setting to nova-compute's flagfile.
* Move templates from python directories to /usr/share/nova.
* Add debian/nova-common.dirs to create
* Don't pass --daemonize=1 to nova-compute. It's already daemonising
  by default.
* Fixed extra space in vblade-persist
* Fixed invalid dn bug in ldap for adding roles
* Added a missing comma
* Missing files from twisted patch
* License upedates
* Reformatting/cleanup
* Users/ldap bugfixes
* Merge fixes
* Documentation updates
* Vpn key creation fix
* Multiple shelves for volumes
* Fix to make Key Injection work again
* Lowered message callback frequency to stop compute and volume
  from eating tons of cpu
* Documentation fixes
* Uncaught exceptions now log properly
* Nova Manage zip exporting works again
* Twisted threads no longer interrupt system calls
* Fixes to api calls
* More accurate documentation
* Removal of buggy multiprocessing
* Asynchronus execution of shell commands
* Fix of messaging race condition
* Test redis database cleaned out on each run of tests
* Smoketest updates
* Bugfixes to volume code
* Instances no longer use keeper
* Sectors off by one fix
* State reported properly by instances
* First release based on nova/cc
* Major rewrites to volumes and instances
* Addition of cloudpipe and rbac
* Major bugfixes
* Support ephemeral (local) space for instances
* instance related fixes
* fix network & cloudpipe bugs
* template files are in proper folder
* removed mox dependency and added templates to install
* api server properly sends instance status code
* redis-backed datastore
* make sure twistd.pid is really overriden
* rpc shouldn't require tornado unless you are using attach_to_tornado
* quicky init scripts for the other services, based on nova-objectstore
* init script for nova-objectstore
* kvm, kpartx required for nova-compute
* Need to include the python modules in nova-common.install as well.
* add more requirements to bin packages
* nova bin packages should depend on the same version of nova-common they
  were built from.
* Require libvirt 0.8.1 or newer for nova-compute
* Split bins into separate packages
* Add python-m2crypto to deps
* Add python-gflags to deps
* install scripts
* debian build goop
* improved requirements
* initial release

181. By Soren Hansen on 2010-07-28

Add sdist make target to build the MANIFEST.in file.

180. By Soren Hansen on 2010-07-28

Removes debian dir from main tree. We'll add it back in in a different branch.

179. By Soren Hansen on 2010-07-27

Bump version to 0.9.0.

178. By Vish Ishaya on 2010-07-27

Makes the compute and volume daemon workers use a common base class called Service. Adds a NetworkService in preparation for splitting out networking code. General cleanup and standardizarion of naming.

177. By Vish Ishaya on 2010-07-27

Fixes Bug lp:610611: deleted project vlans are deleted from the datastore before they are reused.

176. By Soren Hansen on 2010-07-27

Make "make test" detect whether to use virtualenv or not, thus making virtualenv optional.

175. By Soren Hansen on 2010-07-27

Makes the objectstore require authorization, checks it properly, and makes nova-compute provide it when fetching images.

174. By Vish Ishaya on 2010-07-27

fixes buildpackage failing with dh_install: missing files

173. By Paul Voccio <email address hidden> on 2010-07-27

resolving conflict w/ merge, cleaning up virtenv setups

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