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47. By Alexander Sack on 2009-06-25

RELEASE 0.7.1-0ubuntu1.mm1 to ubuntu/modemmanager/ppa/karmic
* New upstream release 0.7.1 final
* drop patches applied upstream
  - delete patches/fix_upstream_buildfailure.patch
  - update patches/series

46. By Alexander Sack on 2009-06-16

* RELEASE 0.7.1~rc4.1-0ubuntu2.mm6 to ubuntu/modemmanager/ppa/karmic

45. By Alexander Sack on 2009-06-16

* update modem-technology patch constants to match latest modemmanager
  - update patches/nm-applet-r1278-modem-technology.patch

44. By Alexander Sack on 2009-06-02

* RELEASE 0.7.1~rc4.1-0ubuntu2.mm5 to ubuntu/modemmanager/ppa/karmic

43. By Alexander Sack on 2009-06-02

* add sharutils to build depends which ships uudecode
  - update control

42. By Alexander Sack on 2009-06-02

* RELEASE 0.7.1~rc4.1-0ubuntu2.mm4 to ubuntu/karmic

41. By Alexander Sack on 2009-06-02

* add support for mobile connect type in tray; add applet patch for
  modem mode; create icons from uue in pre-build and install them in
  icons/22 directory; in clean rule we remove those icons accordingly
  - add patches/nm-applet-r1278-modem-technology.patch
  - update patches/series
  - add icons/22/nm-tech-edge.png.uue
  - add icons/22/nm-tech-gprs.png.uue
  - add icons/22/nm-tech-hsdpa.png.uue
  - add icons/22/nm-tech-umts.png.uue
  - update rules

40. By Alexander Sack on 2009-05-15

* RELEASE 0.7.1~rc4.1-0ubuntu2.mm3 to ubuntu/modemmanager/ppa/jaunty

39. By Alexander Sack on 2009-05-15

* fix build failure because path is being used uninitialized
  - update patches/nm-applet-r1278-pin-functions.patch

38. By Alexander Sack on 2009-05-15

(merge rev 36 from ubuntu.0.7.1.mm.jaunty branch)
* add modemmanager patches for 0.7.1
  - add patches/mm_dbus_api_change.patch
  - add patches/nm-applet-r1053-use-modem-manager.patch
  - update patches/series
* adjust patches for rc4.1 upstream
  - update patches/nm-applet-r1053-use-modem-manager.patch
* add modemmanager pin function UI for mbm
  - add patches/nm-applet-r1278-pin-functions.patch
  - update patches/series

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