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263. By Matthias Niess

* debian/patches/fix-screenshots.patch:
  - fix compiz screenshot plugin by removing the blue tint as a
    workaround (LP: #771875)

262. By Steve Langasek

No-change upload to the release pocket instead of to -proposed, so we can
get the package built on all archs immediately instead of it blocking on
gtk+3.0's build on armel.

261. By Didier Roche

[ Łukasz 'sil2100' Zemczak ]
* New upstream snapshot:
  - Fix global menu not being ergonomical on large screens (LP: #682788)
  - Fix Alt+Right arrow key (LP: #943612)
  - Fix key bindings for actions while doing tap detection (LP: #944631)
  - Window movement is erratic and buggy, backport (LP: #923683)
  - CompScreenImpl::addAction(CompAction*): Assertion `priv->initialized'
    failed (LP: #946118)
  - gtk-window-decorator crash with SIGSEGV in max_window_name_width()
    (LP: #937815)
  - Finish the implementation of the locally integrated menubars
    (LP: #931245)
  - Unity/compiz intercepts keystrokes from grabbed windows (LP: #806255)
  - Pressing alt doesn't show the menu title bar in top panel (LP: #943194)
  - Fix Alt stealing focus from widgets (LP: #943851)
  - Fix Alt + drag (LP: #945373)
  - lp:compiz-core fails parallel builds (make -jN) (LP: #938417)
  - Changing the HUD shortcut disables all Alt-based combinations. And
    changing the Dash shortcut disables all Super-based shortcuts
    (LP: #945816)
  - Fix key bindings (such as Super) not working on empty workspace or on
    slow/loaded systems (LP: #953089)
  - compiz crashed with signal 5 in Glib::exception_handlers_invoke()
    (LP: #808007)
  - Fix segfault caused by r3043 (LP: #958540)
* Removed cherry-picked patches:
  - debian/patches/fix_806255.patch
  - debian/patches/fix_923683.patch
  - debian/patches/fix_943194.patch
  - debian/patches/fix_944631.patch
  - debian/patches/fix_alt_pressing.patch
  - debian/patches/additional_alt_tapping_fix.patch

[ Didier Roche ]
* pick upstream fix, debian/patches/fix_953839.patch:
  [regression] Invisible resize border is now only 1px wide (LP: #953839)
* debian/patches/revert_lim.patch:
  - revert the integrated menu patch. It won't be released in precise and
    triggers a regression (in bug #962085)
* debian/patches/fix_953089_2.patch:
  - second trial to fix remaining corner cases
* debian/patches/exit_1_if_composite_cant_init.patch:
  - try to workaround a crasher which seems to happen when the composite
    plugin failed to initialize. Hopefully exiting 1 will make gnome-session
    respawning compiz and then the init will work. (LP: #833729)
* debian/patches/always_replace.patch:
  - right now, always replace the current WM as it seems that some people
    got another compositor running at the start of the session. This will
    hopefully workaround the issue that some people experience.

260. By Didier Roche

[ Łukasz 'sil2100' Zemczak ]
* New upstream snapshot:
  - Fix gtk-window-decorator crash upon demaximizing a window (LP: #930071)
  - Fix core keybindings (LP: #930412)
  - Fixes compiz crash with SIGSEGV on shutdown (LP: #931283)
  - Plugins can't tell the difference between a key-tap and modifier
    key-release (LP: #925293)
  - compiz-core r3001 (and 3002) ftbfs (LP: #933226)
  - Semi-maximized windows have no shadow or frame (LP: #924736)
  - Untranslated strings in gtk-window-decorator (LP: #780505)
  - Initialize the _NET_WM_STATE_FOCUSED (LP: #932087)
  - [regression] Customized shortcuts don't work (LP: #931927)
  - Window stacking problem (LP: #936675)
  - Quickly demaximized windows can receive maximized window decorations if
    they were initially maximized (LP: #936778)
  - Maximized windows do not get shadows at all (LP: #936774)
  - [regression] Launcher, top panel and keyboard un-responsive after using
    any Super-x shortcut (LP: #934058)
  - No draggable border if mutter isn't installed (LP: #936781)
  - Fix compiz crash with SIGSEGV in XDefineCursor() (LP: #936487)
  - Fixes memory leak at DecorWindow::updateSwitcher() (LP: #940115)
  - Unresolved symbols in plugins cause compiz to exit (LP: #938478)
  - Fix compiz spending about 51% of its CPU time in CompRegion
    construction/destruction (LP: #940139)
  - Fix Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s) in
    decor_match_pixmap (LP: #940066)
  - Fix 'show desktop' behaviour (LP: #871801)
  - Tweak algorithm used to cast shadows on maximized windows (LP: #936784)
  - "Svg" and "Png" should be "SVG and "PNG" (LP: #942890)
  - Fix invalid memory usage after free() in DecorWindow (LP: #943116)
  - Fix alt + F10 (LP: #943223)
* Removed cherry-picked patches
* debian/patches/fix_944631.patch:
  - Always replay the keyboard if something was grabbed and didn't trigger
    an action and don't trigger actions which aren't added accidentally
    (LP: #943612) (LP: #944631)
* debian/patches/fix_923683.patch:
  - Backports a patch which prevents the shift race condition

[ Didier Roche ]
* debian/patches/fix_alt_pressing.patch:
  - Patch from ddv to fix all the regressions with the alt key fix and other
    (LP: #943851, #945373)
  - Fix Quicklist are not showing if right-clicking a launcher icon in Expo
    mode if triggered by Super + S (LP: #944979)
* debian/patches/fix_806255.patch:
  - Unity/compiz intercepts keystrokes from grabbed windows (LP: #806255)
* debian/patches/fix_943194.patch:
  - second part for the alt key fix (LP: #943194)
* debian/patches/additional_alt_tapping_fix.patch:
  - again another alt tapping related fix for some regressions from the
    previous branch. Taken from "tapping-panacea" upstream branch.

259. By Didier Roche

* Change some keybindings as per design (LP: #878820, #891757, #751050)
  - Show desktop is now Super + d
  - Super + Up maximize the window
  - Super + Down restore the window
  - Super + W initiate scale for all windows on current ws
  - Control + Alt + NumPad 5 is used to switch/restore maximize state
  - Control + Alt + NumPad 0 is used to minimize current window
  - Ensure we don't have any conficting keys anymore (LP: #922354)
* 01_ctrl_alt_*tea*.patch:
  - Merged into ubuntu-config.patch, no reason to keep it separated
* debian/compiz-gnome.gconf-defaults, debian/rules, debian/unity.ini:
  - Set the new plugin order with the incoming unity change as the default

258. By Didier Roche

* debian/patches/fix_925293.patch:
  - rollback that patch as well, not ready for wide consumption
    (triggered side effects)

257. By Didier Roche

* debian/patches/series:
  - rollbacking fix_931473.patch which was supposed to fix
    "Rendering menus leaves transparent areas". Apparently, the fix does
    the opposite effect on most configurations. Reverted it put it back in
    the previous state and the ghost menus are way less common.

256. By Didier Roche

* debian/compiz-kde.install, debian/control, debian/rules:
  - disable right now kde build for compiz-kde package. It's using
    deprecated kde libraries and fails to build on armel. It's
    probably as well not needed anymore as most of kde users are using
    kwin which is better integrated to kde than compiz. There is not
    anymore upstream compiz maintenance on this plugin as well.
    (LP: #931500)
* debian/patches/fix_931958.patch:
  impossible to click on keyring dialog since the upgrade. Doesn't really
  fix 931958 as per say, but another issue impacting seahorse.
* debian/patches/fix_871801.patch:
  window management, alt-tab - After using 'show desktop' to minimise
  all windows, opening any new window also incorrectly restores all
  the minimised windows (LP: #871801)
* debian/patches/fix_925293.patch:
  Add support for key "tap" detection (LP: #925293)
* debian/patches/fix_933226.patch:
  Fix FTBFS in previous commit (LP: #933226)
* debian/patches/fix_932087.patch:
  Initialize the _NET_WM_STATE_FOCUSED (LP: #932087)
* debian/patches/fix_931473.patch:
  - Menus don't fully appear (LP: #931473)
  - Rendering menus leaves transparent areas (LP: #932813)
* debian/patches/fix_931927.patch:
  - Customized shortcuts don't work in compiz 1:
    (LP: #931927). Breaks API/ABI.

255. By Didier Roche

[ Didier Roche ]
* New upstream snapshot:
  - Fix slow/stuttering display with fglrx (LP: #763005)
  - Don't dynamically link to compiz_core
  - Fix build failures with glib 2.30 (oneiric) (LP: #921406)
  - Fix uninitialized variable warnings in valgrind (LP: #921451)
  - Fixes up a bunch of boost::variant edge cases
  - Fixes a race condition where the xig restart test would fail spuriously
  - Incorrect (low/stuttering) refresh rate with NVIDIA driver (LP: #92599)
  - Benchmark window slows the system and degrades graphics resources
    (LP: #254561)
  - Windows that hide themselves when closed don't appear in any
    "this workspace" switcher (LP: #684731)
  - hang in g_spawn_sync and select() (LP: #690239)
  - word misspelled - bunding (LP: #694169)
  - sometimes, restored window placed too high. (LP: #716521)
  - Compiz clears the root window in the installer session (LP: #720679)
  - unity-window-decorator: When switching between windows, Orca does
    not speak the title of the focused window. (LP: #724093)
  - Cannot open a window that starts iconified (LP: #732997)
  - Minimize animation flickr when for maximized apps (LP: #737125)
  - Pixmap memory leak in gtk-window-decorator (LP: #740258)
  - Windows should not automatically be focused when opened if the
    focus is on another application (LP: #748840)
  - [sandybridge] Graphics tearing when playing video (LP: #755841)
  - Compiz's "Sync to Vblank" makes display stutter/slow with fglrx
    (LP: #763005)
  - [regression] Moving windows lags behind the mouse by 1-2 seconds;
    appear to freeze when dragging. (LP: #764330)
  - Launcher - Spread should not affect the state of window (LP: #764673)
  - Clicking on a tweet/message link sometimes does not work (LP: #790565)
  - scrolling on top of a close animation switches viewports (LP: #795065)
  - unity video tearing when moving windows in oneiric with
    nvidia-current (LP: #798868)
  - dialogs really slow to be displayed since the compiz update (LP: #812711)
  - It is possible to stack windows relative to windows that are
    destroyed (LP: #837252
  - Should keep list of windows last sent to server and last recv
    from server (LP: #841727)
  - compiz and X can disagree on the stacking order (LP: #845719)
  - A minimized window 'remains' behind on the desktop if
    show_minimized_windows is set to true (LP: #847967)
  - maximized windows fail to update their input extents when
    undecorated (LP: #853734)
  - resizing bugs with xterm (LP: #854725)
  - crash on closing a window (LP: #856015)
  - Java application windows cut-off/truncated/not displayed properly
    (LP: #857201)
  - compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in CompScreen::insertServerWindow()
    (LP: #857487)
  - compiz crashed with SIGABRT in raise() (LP: #857738)
  - Applications which create multiple windows that are transients of
    each other can be given invalid stack positions (LP: #858625)
  - Windows move to 0,0 on compiz restarts (LP: #858629)
  - Crash when selecting Evolution in alt-tab (LP: #859431)
  - invisible window when a window is mapped but not yet drawn on by
    the process mapping it (LP: #860286)
  - race condition in configureXWindow causes unpredicatable window
    geometry changes (LP: #860304)
  - windows that are decorated while resizing can cause incorrect
    resize results (LP: #860306)
  - Moving a window while it is being resized by core caused
    unpredictable movement (LP: #860309)
  - Windows which are marked transients of docks should be treated
    like docks (LP: #860397)
  - can't maximize windows on second monitor and Qt windows displayed
    in wrong place (LP: #861341)
* debian/compiz-decorator, debian/compiz-gnome.install,
  debian/compiz-gnome.gconf-defaults, debian/rules, debian/unity.ini:
  - no more unity-window-decorator, switch back to gtk-window-decorator
  - remove plugins that are not shipped anymore
  - don't set in the default list plugins that are not shipped anymore
* debian/libdecoration0.symbols:
  - upated to latest
* Removed cherry-picked patches:
  - debian/patches/02_fix_autofocus_minimize_window.patch
  - debian/patches/03_fix_configureframe.patch
  - debian/patches/04_fix_insertServerWindow_crash.patch
  - debian/patches/05_fix_reconfigureXWindow_crash.patch
  - debian/patches/fix-748840.patch
  - debian/patches/fix-832150.patch
  - debian/patches/fix-863328.patch
  - debian/patches/fix-864330.patch
  - debian/patches/fix-864478.patch
  - debian/patches/fix-865863.patch
  - debian/patches/fix-866752.patch
  - debian/patches/fix-869316_869919.patch
  - debian/patches/fix-869967.patch
  - debian/patches/fix-886978.patch
  - debian/patches/fix_slow_vsync_lp763005.patch
  - debian/patches/rev_2821_fix_807487.patch
  - debian/patches/rev_2847_bug_796594.patch
  - debian/patches/rev_2878_bug_865696.patch
  - debian/patches/rev_2884_fix_874004.patch
  - debian/patches/rev_2890_fix_879253.patch
* debian/rules:
  - the abi file is now renamed to core/abiversion.h
  - remove the .a
  - Remove -Bsymbolic-functions from LDFLAGS as it causes libcompiz_core to
    be loaded once per plugin when dlopened
  - don't run tests, they don't run on headless server anymore
* debian/compiz-core.install:
  - contain new libcompiz-core lib
* debian/compiz-kde.install:
  - do not ship kde part for now, it's broken upstream
* debian/patches/ubuntu-config.patch:
  - default configuration is here now.
* debian/patches/fix_gtk_w_d_crash.patch:
  - additional backport for gtk-w-d crash (LP: #930071)
* debian/patches/fix_930412.patch:
  - backport to fix keybindings not working (LP: #930412)
* debian/patches/fix_931283.patch:
  - trunk commit to fix a crash on shutdown (LP: #931283)
* debian/patches/fix_924736.patch:
  - additional fix for getting the shadow active on maximized window
    (LP: #924736)

[ Sam Spilsbury ]
* Remove unused plugins, disable tests by default
* debian/patches/ccp_plugin.patch : force load the cpp plugin if not
* debian/patches/workaround_broken_drivers.patch : workaround broken
  drivers that do binary detection
* debian/patches/default_drag_key.patch : add a default in case mutter
  isn't installed

254. By Matthias Klose <email address hidden>

Drop build dependency on libdecoration0-dev (built from this very source).

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