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1a3d25c... by celeron55 on 2013-03-05

Update changelog and call this 0.3.3

30cbdb0... by celeron55 on 2012-06-03

Check password hash validity

073964a... by celeron55 on 2012-05-12

Update changelog and call this 0.3.2

d7442ae... by celeron55 on 2012-05-12

Add wooden planks to creative inventory (...finally 8D)

1596628... by celeron55 on 2012-05-12

Add #include <unistd.h> to filesys.cpp (needed by some linux distros now)

bc0e5c0... by celeron55 on 2011-11-09

Update changelog and call this 0.3.1

045e32b... by celeron55 on 2011-11-08

Fix water-glass and water-lava surfaces

fea55a9... by celeron55 on 2011-11-08

Call this 0.3.dev-20111108

763da10... by celeron55 on 2011-11-08

Reset block usage timer on client only if it is very probably drawn

1c98ec9... by Kahrl <email address hidden> on 2011-11-07

Make Connection::Receive return the data via a SharedBuffer reference, so the caller doesn't have to choose the right buffer size in advance.