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960009d... by celeron55 on 2011-09-27

Update changelog

5ca877b... by Kahrl <email address hidden> on 2011-09-27

minetestmapper: Fix the way ylist is computed, use cStringIO instead of rolling own Bytestream, remove some artifacts when drawing underground blocks, introduce a --drawunderground switch (defaults to of), 'blocknum' renamed to 'content'.

b0c2c83... by celeron55 on 2011-09-26

minetestmapper speed tweaks (kahrl & JacobF)

1a63c6e... by celeron55 on 2011-09-26

Add apple color to minetestmapper and fix cactus color

fd7c870... by celeron55 on 2011-09-26

Fix minetestmapper.py

aefa3b6... by Kahrl <email address hidden> on 2011-09-26

Support Python 2 and 3 in sectors2sqlite.py.

d5281ea... by Kahrl <email address hidden> on 2011-09-26

Fix processing of blocks below y=0 in sectors2sqlite.py.

7504a74... by celeron55 on 2011-09-23

Move PLATFORM_LIBS around to make sqlite3 link with libdl on some distros

bdf5490... by celeron55 on 2011-09-22

Make client report a newer version number to the server than 2011-07-31 does and make the server enforce it

7244f09... by celeron55 on 2011-09-22

Oh well, let's call it just 0.2.20110922