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Milo Casagrande (milo) wrote :

On Tue, Dec 18, 2012 at 10:47 AM, Fathi Boudra <email address hidden> wrote:
> Review: Needs Fixing
> Actually, it isn't specific to snowball.
> What we want is a sane default: use engineering builds (linux-linaro) hwpacks
> See
> this is panda, snowball, origen and vexpress.
> however, we'll need to be able to use member builds (lt-) hwpacks. An env var will be useful.

Adding an env variable to control that is not that hard.

But I want to better understand the behavior: looking at the link
there, only "panda" has an "lt" hwpack, so should it be treated as
Meaning, if the other boards are passed, never use the "lt" version,
and treat the panda one accordingly with the new env variable.
Is that what you meant?

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