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Milo Casagrande (milo) wrote :

Worked a little bit more on the i18n front:
 - Changed the if-else clause in for handling in a clearer translators way the different dialog titles
 - Added i18n support in microblog/support/ I had to import the math library for using the floor() function to "round" to the smallest number seconds, hours and days, otherwise the plural forms handled by gettext wouldn't work correctly (it always showed a plural form as the number was always major than one)
 - Need to get some more info on why the aliased function _ doesn't work with plural forms, had to use the "canonical" way of gettext.ngettext (and BTW, even lngettext doesn't work with intltool)
 - I added a title to the Facebook authorization dialog, it was saying "run", now it says "Facebook Authorization"
 - Updated the POT file and the Italian translation

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