Merge lp:~milo/gwibber/gwibber-milo into lp:~segphault/gwibber/webkitui

Proposed by Milo Casagrande on 2008-12-27
Status: Merged
Merged at revision: not available
Proposed branch: lp:~milo/gwibber/gwibber-milo
Merge into: lp:~segphault/gwibber/webkitui
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~milo/gwibber/gwibber-milo
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Ryan Paul 2008-12-27 Approve on 2008-12-28
Review via email:
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Milo Casagrande (milo) wrote :

Worked a little bit more on the i18n front:
 - Changed the if-else clause in for handling in a clearer translators way the different dialog titles
 - Added i18n support in microblog/support/ I had to import the math library for using the floor() function to "round" to the smallest number seconds, hours and days, otherwise the plural forms handled by gettext wouldn't work correctly (it always showed a plural form as the number was always major than one)
 - Need to get some more info on why the aliased function _ doesn't work with plural forms, had to use the "canonical" way of gettext.ngettext (and BTW, even lngettext doesn't work with intltool)
 - I added a title to the Facebook authorization dialog, it was saying "run", now it says "Facebook Authorization"
 - Updated the POT file and the Italian translation

lp:~milo/gwibber/gwibber-milo updated on 2008-12-28
173. By Ryan Paul on 2008-12-28

Refactored microblog library to eliminate minidom usage

174. By Ryan Paul on 2008-12-28

Changed CONFIGURABLE_UI_ELEMENTS into a widget/name dict to accommodate localization

Milo Casagrande (milo) wrote :

With the last few commits I've been working on other i18n things:
- set as translatable the strings 'in reply to' and 'from' that appears in the html files. Had to rewrite a little bit the addMessages and addMessage functions to accept a new argument. I created a small dict with the two new strings and passed that to the function
- set as translatable the new strings in CONFIGURABEL_UI_ELEMENTS
- Updated POT and Italian translation

Ryan Paul (segphault) :
review: Approve
lp:~milo/gwibber/gwibber-milo updated on 2008-12-28
175. By Milo Casagrande on 2008-12-28

Additional i18n improvements


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